Fara and Jess, also just because
13th Aug 2020, 10:59 PM in Quarantine Hiatus 2020
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Fara and Jess, also just because
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Author Notes:
Random late night (where I'm at anyway) doodles of Fara and Jess in comfy sleep attire. Much like Rain and Emily the other day, you may see these again (or something like it) in the future. ^_^
User comments:
Phoebe Zeitler (Guest)
Tall Jess = More Jess

More Jess = More Hug

More Hug = Yes Pls

thus Tall Jess = Yes Pls
Sam (Guest)
Ironically enough, you used what is called the "transitive property" to come to this conclusion
Hey, the nice lady blesses us with more art and designs. Do like the designs, but now I'm curious. How tall are the characters compared to each other?
In this case, I'd place Fara at about 5'6" (167.6cm) or so. Jessica meanwhile is around 6'1" (185.4cm).
So, I'm a couple hairs taller than Fara. (and head and shoulders shorter than Jess XD) Now, I kinda wanna go back and see how the rest of the cast match up in height.
Larryn (Guest)
I love tall Jess, she makes me less self-conscience when I go to the grocery store.
Blue Sawyer
Is Jess really tall, or is Fara just really short?
Phrown (Guest)
Fara is about average height so yeah, Jessica is that tall.
SometimesIReadComics (Guest)
Also girlfriends!
Syter (Guest)
i think fara and vincent are better together then these two, haha
Fourth Nate (Guest)
Cute! I tend to forget that Jess is quite tall!
Yuriko (Guest)
So if Fara short or is Jess tall?
Wow, I knew Jess was taller than Fara, but it's never been clear how much taller until now.
Is there a significance to the goldfish?

Not really. Normally, I love me some symbolism and references and whatnot. But this time, it went exactly as deep as, "I wanna draw a cute fish on her shirt." Sometimes, I'm just a simple creature. XD
Kestrel (Guest)
I'm going to headcanon that it's a babelfish. Cool?
Hachune Guest-Ku (Guest)
So, I get that this was posted YESTERDAY. But I saw it TODAY, which makes it the perfect birthday present! Arigato!
no shoes? jk I love this, it brightens my day
Honestly, of all the adult female characters, I find Fara to be the most attractive and sexiest. Even if she isn't wearing anything sexy or revealing (which, I don't think she ever really has, actually), I still find her the most attractive. Best adult female character haha
AnnikeIsTrans (Guest)
Would you believe I knocked this entire comic out in like, two days? It's been amazing and I can't wait to see what happens in part 40!
Riley (Guest)
It's taken me 4 days ;-;
Super excited to see what comes next though!
Can someone tell me where jess got those trousers because I want a pair.
Whovian_42 (Guest)
i wish i was comfortable enough to wear something like what fara is wearing here
It look good!