What About You?
24th Apr 2020, 10:18 AM in Ch. 39 - The Aftermath
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What About You?
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Author Notes:
It's come up a couple times in this chapter, where Ana will ask about where the others plan to go or what they plan to do after the school year. In this case, Ana asked Rain off-screen; I figured there's not much point to dedicating a page to "I dunno", especially when I planned to elaborate through Fara later.

And what about Fara? She's only working at this school for Rain. If Rain's not there, is there reason for her to stay?


Also, as a reminder, we're coming up on the end of this chapter next Monday. There will be a hiatus when it wraps up. I didn't want there to be one yet, but real world events kinda killed my motivation for a while, and now I'm super unprepared. I'm trying to work through things and catch back up as best as I can, but I'm taking things very slow right now while I deal with... everything.

Still, even during hiatus, I'd like to keep posting something. Filler stuff, fanart, previews. I'll keep you occupied. Just minus the deadlines.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Yay, finally I know where Rain is going after graduation! This seems a likely path, between Rain's unstellar academic performance and her own challenges she's faced during her previous year. Poor girl, I hope she gets better during her next year and establishes a concrete plan moving forward that she can move her life with. She has Emily, and she'll have her newborn baby, which by extension is likely going to be seen by Emily as Rain's baby, too, providing Rain a really sweet comfort net to get here going on the next part of her life. I hope things work out for Rain, she'll have a happy present and future to go with the misfortune and trials of her youth, her own life.
Adela (Guest)
Ehhh ...

My advice is don't go to university straight out of high school. I joined the army and did an apprenticeship through RAEME.

I only went to university when I was 26. Mature aged students have a higher success rate, and they're more likely to get into a program they want at a university closer to post-doc suitability.
Similarly, I agree. Generally, people in their early to mid-20s can excel at college, and are in a good position to spend a lot of time working on and in whatever they choose to work. A lot of people don't know what they want to pursue in life until their twenties. People know who they are before they know what they want to do. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Adela (Guest)
Plus you have no interesting stories when you're 18.

University is far more interesting when the things you're studying in your elective modern history course is stuff you were involved in.
The queer kids who are still at Hallvard need Fara to stick around and protect them!
Chrissy (Guest)
OK, I'm kinda worried about panel 3... They are still in school here, right? And, did Fara even know that Rain is out to Ana?

I was kinda hoping this scene would imply Fara is aware what Ana knows. ^^;

See, Rain came out to Ana months earlier. And also, Rain's been living with Fara in a small apartment. I think it's safe to say, Rain would've mentioned, "I came out to Ana" at some point during that time (as there's no reason for her to hide that). ^_^
I considered commenting this, but I worried that it had been covered years ago and I had forgotten it. But Jocelyn's explanation makes so much sense!
Neelix (Guest)
Also worth mentioning that coming out to Ana was kind of a big deal for Rain at the time. For some reason though I can't help thinking it probably would have been Emily who told Fara, as I seem to recall Rain being pretty out of it until later that evening.
It would seem unwise for Fara to quit her job once Rain's senior year is over.
She can lookout for Rain's friends that are still there next year and she can work with brother Arthur to make the school more queer friendly . Plus a job equals money
Some Ed
While Fara didn't really express a concrete plan, most people tend to go with the status quo if they don't have a serious reason to change it. She has a job, so I'd expect her to keep it until either she has a better offer or someone makes her current job unpleasant.

It's probably too soon for her to be making plans, in any event. It's unclear who the principal will be, and that's likely to not be determined until nearer to the start of the next school year. Depending on the local Catholic school board works, it's possible that won't be determined until the middle of the summer.

Even if the school board has determined it already or will soon, there's nothing that we know about that would compel the school board to relate it to their teachers until the start of the next school year. (I have heard of such things. Generally, they didn't go well, at least for *most* people. The exceptions included times when the new principal was the obvious candidate and the lack of notice was mostly the school board thinking that everybody already knew because they had no other serious candidates. (Of course, the other people wouldn't have known that.)
Ashley (Guest)
I just spent my last 13 waking hours binging this comic from start to finish. To the author i have to say, you have narrative and characterization skills. It's strange to look at a computer screen only to say aloud, "I'm so sorry" when something bad happens to them.
Carter (Guest)
Hi I know this is a bit odd but I could really use someone to talk to could I give you my number it’s about my sexuality and the way I feel. If you don’t have time for this I really do understand but if you would be willing to just talk with me that would be so cool.btw your comic here truly inspires me!
Waffle (Guest)
I admit, I don't recall knowing that Fara's at St. H for Rain. I've been vaguely assuming it was more or less the other way around, in fact - that Rain enrolled because that's where Fara was already established, for support and so things like transportation would be easier.
Good question