13th Apr 2020, 3:36 PM in Ch. 39 - The Aftermath
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Author Notes:
I'm a little exhausted today, so short blurb for now. ^^;

Anyway, we'll focus on Aidyn next week. For now, the scene will stick with Rudy and Colette.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Drake Zephyr
Yeah I know how Colette feels. It happened to me where my partner was polyamourus but I'm Monogamous. Apparently she forgot that, started seeing someone else at the same time, and assumed I'd be okay with it. I wasn't, but I wasn't going to fight so I just gave up on it. It's been a year now, and me and my ex are still friends but anything romantic is done. It really does suck when you know you like someone, but have to accept that your orientations just clash and ya can't work as a couple. And it's not always what type of people you're attracted to, it can also be how many. Call me selfish, but I just wasn't okay with the person I'm in love with, saying they also love someone else the same. Sorry if I ranted a bit, I meant for it to be a short comment. But whenever I see stuff like this, it just hits me really hard in the heart.
CJ (Guest)
You're not selfish for that! It sounds like she was in the wrong for assuming you'd be okay with something that you had already told her you weren't okay with. I'm so sorry that happened to you. <3
Drake Zephyr
Thank you for saying that.
Katie (Guest)
Not selfish at all. I’ve been in a similar situation, but as the polyamorous person who had to break up with my monogamous partner because I couldn’t do monogamy no matter how much I wish I could have for them. Falling for one of my friends and getting anxiety about making friendships on the chance I developed feelings for them made the decision a little easier, but it still sucks.
It’s just another relationship orientation and some people might have “the one exception” like Rudy did with Rain, but it’s not selfish for either of us to put our needs of a relationship first, particularly when monogamy and polyamory butt heads.
I'm sorry you've been through that - I went through something similar as the third party in a poly/mono relationship when the mono entered fully knowing and understanding their partner was poly and seeing multiple people but ended up blowing up toxically rather than communicating or breaking up and hurting everyone involved :/ How are these relationships supposed to work if people won't talk to someone they're supposed to love?
Princess (Guest)
Honestly, what hurts about this is Colette’s mutual feelings. It’s like he’s so close and yet so far.
I sure hope Aidyn dosen't try and blame Rudyfor this. Aidyn seems like a good person.
Catlife333 (Guest)
That is a big bummer, but also I don’t think Aidyn had much of a chance either. Its totally fair that Colette didn’t want to come out. But I mean, Aidyn might’ve been totally chill and still want to date him after. Maybe not either, but Colette just kind of assumed.

I guess I wanted to say this because I started to come out (to myself and my friends) as NB while I was in a relationship. I was a bit nervous coming out to my girlfriend because even though she is sexually queer (although cis), I thought maybe she would no longer want to date me. Like if my gender was different she would no longer be attracted to me. But she stuck by me and totally supported my coming out. (Haha we aren’t together anymore but still.)

I’m not knocking this comic. I’m just saying if you’re in a similar position, I feel for you man and you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, but also if you trust the people in your life that genuinely support you, they will often surprise you.
Vulcan (Guest)
There are many rocks a prospective relationship can flounder on. Some can be avoided, and others cannot.

It may hurt, but once you find a rock that cannot be avoided, the wisest thing to do is disengage as soon as possible. Any other course will only hurt worse in the long run.
This seems to be a reoccuring theme in Rain: orientations sometimes stop relationships that could be amazing from blossoming - this is even more prevalent with trans people, who traverse the borders of sexuality. More generally, it seems Rain has a focus on some things not working out, and moving past those to the things that can come to fruition. Rudy has felt this first-hand with Rain, and it's emotional to feel him viewing this situation again, from an observer perspective. Rudy is such a cheerful character, seeing a calm Rudy speaks to the level of depth he's had to encounter, and Colette is now encountering. I wonder how many more lost loves will occur in the story, and in general losses, but it does seem that the losses are behind a lot of the characters.
this is a rough situation for anybody to be in. there have been several people in my life that i was attracted to, men and women. i think its a situation that most if not all trans-people can relate to, and hits a little too close to home for some of us. but its not for us to decide what someone orientation is, or to try and coerce them into accepting a lifestyle that they are not comfortable with living.
love is a complex thing and we have to follow our hearts, yet temper it with patience, wisdom and understanding no matter how much it can hurt us at the time. i think Cole did the right thing, no matter how much it hurts now for him, he will be better off for it in the long run, and i think it shows a lot of maturity and wisdom to cut the loss before things get ugly. at least he has the memories he made with Aidyn and can look back on them fondly and learn from them in the future... its a lesson many of us dont learn or figure out until we have been hurt and gone though emotional trauma that takes months, if not years to heal.
stay strong Cole, you're young and WILL find your love and be better off for waiting to give your heart to the right person who understand, accepts and supports who you truly are. 😘😘
Tired (Guest)
I just finished reading this whole comic up to todays panel. I gotta say, for as many possible criticisms I have (Which I am going to keep to myself) I really love this comic. It's provided me with a wholesome escape during a hard time in my life. And I really appreciate how the comic is lighthearted but still deals with real issues. It's crazy how much of my experience as a trans woman is reflected through Rain during the whole comic. So in other words, thank you for your amazing work and I can't wait to keep up with the story as it happens :)
Neelix (Guest)
This has felt inevitable for a while now, but then again I've been shipping Rudy/Colette for for a while too, so perhaps I'm biased.
Genderless_Void (Guest)
Every single time Colette is on screen my heart drops a little. I relate more to him than any other character and it hURTS. I just want him to be happy dammittttt.
Rain (Guest)
hey, I just wanted to say I really like the comic, I can relate to it a lot, might have binged it to this page in like 3 days. It helped me re come out as a trans girl. I'm still questioning, but I think I have the confidence to come out as whatever I actually am when I figure it out. You've helped me with a lot of things, boosted my confidence and made me be proud (if not still scared) of who I am. along with helping me figure out what I think will be my new name, you've got a lifelong fan here. I just wanted to say thank you <3
firefly (Guest)
hey congrats, Rain!
Stacy (Guest)
out of curiosity is there any Fan Fic of Drew and Ky's relationship floating around? If not why not! hehehe
Linkling13 (Guest)
These comics are really great to read and are effective against dysphoria as well
Penny (Guest)
I have read the entirety of this comic in a single day. I am exhausted
Deesoff (Guest)
I finally got caught up but now I have to stop reading :(
Raven (Guest)
this story is fantastic, i hope it will continue for a long time
Cassandra Rheia (Guest)
Just wanted to thank you for making this wonderful comic. I discovered it last week and kinda binged it^^ It's the first comic that caused a panic attack on me (when Kellen cut Rain's hair) and I love that. Not because I like panic attacks but it's incredible how much power this comic has over my emotions. I also love your art style, kinda reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist. But right now I'm slightly worried because the aftermath chapter has epilogue vibes and I don't ever want the story to end. Last but not least I saw the pages about your real life stuff and I wanted to say that I'm proud of what you accomplished! Here's a big hug for you and everyone reading this! <3
Solas (Guest)
Man, this hits too close to home right now.

This comic series helped me (Cis-Het Male) out when I was trying to sort out my feelings about starting a relationship with my Trans Girlfriend.

Right now though it's really hard for me to read since we just broke up. She originally believed she was Bi, but started questioning if she was actually into men and decided to end it. It's been tough.

Rudy's last line just kills me.
That's rough buddy