30th Mar 2020, 8:34 AM in Ch. 39 - The Aftermath
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Author Notes:
I'm bracing myself for this to be a divisive page. Not because of what's said, but because of who says it. XD

For what it's worth, this was pretty much always the plan. At some point, in some Silent Bob-esque fashion, Randy was going to say something on-screen at some point. It's not that he didn't/couldn't talk, we just never saw it. So when we'd finally see him talk, it had to be for something important. I think this works. ^_^

Also, if you're wondering about his "I came out back in October" remark, that's actually a reference to an old Rain Delay, and my first ever Coming Out Day pic (which, is in October), which I can't find on Comic Fury for some reason. Chronologically, that post went up just before the Halloween chapter started too, so it all checks out. As for Rob not remembering, and Drew being unsure if it happened, the Delays aren't typically canon. I decided to run with it, though. Even the characters page (which I know is wildly out of date), has always listed Randy as bi because of it.

Anyway, I know it's a weird random page, but still, I hope you all like it. Next time, something completely different. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Anastasia (Guest)
And what am excellent opportunity to update it!
Adri (Guest)
Yess Randy my favorite background character. He was always the one I looked for whenever something happened.
Some Ed
The problem of maintaining a cast page is once it gets out of date, it starts becoming harder to update, because you feel like you need to fix everything. At this point, it's probably weeks worth of effort, unless the author has a personal database that's actually a database that can be queried for all the info.
Genderless_Void (Guest)
I always loved Randy for some unexplainable reason. So glad he finally got to speak his mind lmao
Tramuntana (Guest)
Same. Altough I am still bummed he didn't win the prom vote...
SometimesIReadComics (Guest)
Gavin's gone from definitely straight to maybe straight since that Rain Delay.
Drake Zephyr
Nah, I think Gavin is just a very open minded straight guy who is perfectly comfortable hanging out with anyone.
TK (Guest)
Randy! Randy! Randy!
Hooray! We hear his opinion! Also, it's weird not seeing Randy's face in either white-out or covered in punch.
At first I thought Randy was Heather and I was really confused. It just never occurred to me (until the 3rd panel) that Randy might actually be shown speaking! Also, it's very funny seeing Randy go back to his old ways in the last panel.
Teaj (Guest)
He finally gets a voice in my head. XD
Meoi Lass (Guest)
Just got cought up for this year! Thank you so much for the way some of these loose strings are being tied up, it is beautiful as always.
Gabi (Guest)
Poor Randy M. Guy. His name condemns him to not getting enough attention, even from his friends.
Pacce (Guest)
I'm glad he spoke, because he sure had something to say.
It took me a few moments to realize that was Randy speaking. I was thinking "no way! That can't be him!"

But I think this scene works nicely, and I love Drew's nod to the canonicity of Rain Delays.
Out of date is right! Emily is listed as straight, but she came out as pan way back in And Emily Reveals... (505), 6 years ago!
Leah (Guest)
I think it's that way on purpose to avoid spoilers?
161616 (Guest)
It's an anti-spoiler measure! Rain is still listed as Unknown Sexuality, Emily is still straight, and Ana's entry makes no mention of her backstory.

There are a lot of missing entries though.
Zensunni (Guest)
This reminds me of conversations my son has had with his friends. Over the course of high school and college all but two of them have come out as bi, gay, ace, or started transitioning and his ex is bi and polyamorous. [She doesn't seem to get the hang of finding other poly individuals yet though... drama...]
You think maybe a lightbulb is going off in Rob's head now? Maybe a little awakening to the idea that maybe one's sexual orientation is irrelevant to whether you want to hang hang around with them, be friends or whatever, or even just be one of the first things that comes to your mind when you see or think about them? That it only really matters if you're sexually interested in them and wonder if they'd also like to do a little naughty-naughty with you? Else, just stop dwelling on the topic and confirming to everyone what an immature doofus you are.
William Melton (Guest)
Looking back at this months later, I'm forced to consider a possibility that Drew is a bicurious Kyromantic ;)
Hooman Bean (Guest)
Wait is this the first time Randy has spoken??? Probably not but I'm not very observant.
*Gasp* Randy M. Guy has finally spoken!