27th Mar 2020, 8:31 AM in Ch. 39 - The Aftermath
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Author Notes:
I know some folks are gonna get on me about how this "worked out too easy". "Why would Rob just volunteer an apology?", and all. I say, why wouldn't he? If he truly believed he was just joking around with his friend all along, then he was never expecting to be called out on it. He never considered it might be harmful. If he actually hated Drew for potentially being gay, he would've stopped hanging around with Drew when he first started questioning. Not you know, continuing to hang out with him at school or going to anime conventions with him.

Does Rob still have a lot to learn about sensitivity and respect? Good lord, yes! And that he'd make those kinds of jokes at all, means he does have some genuine homophobia to work through. But he's not so far gone that there's no coming back. And Drew may be in a better position than ever - after plenty of his own ignorant mistakes - to help Rob with that.

Anyway, this scene is the first to kinda ruin my flow with this chapter a little. In other words, we're not quite done here yet. Expect one more page with these guys next Monday.

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User comments:
Ash (Guest)
Growth babies
Sine (Guest)
Some people need a full-on wake up call. Others will just realise they've been a prick and offer it up. Humans are funny like that.

Let's see where this go before people throw stones.
Drake Zephyr
Well, it's a start for Rob.
This is one of things I like about Rain - with many characters, there's that little spark of hope that they can change and that things can be better.
DoctrDoc (Guest)
Rob is soft and valid, and I support him. Honestly he seems more open minded, and considerate than Drew used to be. That might be because he's a minor character and hasn't had an existential arc like Drew has.
Kyle (Guest)
Will take some convincing from me. I can't forgive him for that " bisexuals don't exist" thing he said way back when
Zensunni (Guest)
The key is that gay jokes are something that just aren't actually funny in most situations, especially if you aren't gay yourself. Whether you intend it that way or not, it comes across as homophobic and mean.
The kids are about to graduate. They're growing up. It's finally sinking in that they are soon to be thrust out into the real world as young adults. Perspectives start to change as it begins getting clearer what it really means to be responsible for your interactions with other people and how it affects them in the real orld here there's no longer going to be an arbitrary set of school rules micromanaging your behavior. Instead, how you treat other people with regard to fairness and respect will directly affect how not only they, but how indirect observers of your behavior will jdge and treat you. There won't be any more Father Quenton breathing down your neck or even a Brother Arthur to offer counsel or guidance. You'll be judged socially andprofessionally by your peers by your character and respect/treatment of others, and civically/criminally by the government's legal system if you break laws or commit infections..

It was the same way when I was a senior about to graduate..... 40 years ago this spring, and the one part hasn't changed much innall those decades, is that in the last few weeks of senior year, an eerie "awakening" begins to take place amongst those about to graduate.... that adulthood is looming more real than you ever imagined it would, and that school did not prepare you at all for much of what you're about to face... and the harshest realization of all, is that a lot of those people who were an everyday part of your life, are suddenly about to be no part at all and probably most of them, you may never even see again except perhaps at your 10 year class reunion. Some you thought you were especially close to will disappear from your life completely, you might see them again briefly at your 25th, 30th, or 40th reunion.... anither lifetime, far into the future. Some of them will die before the opportunity to see them at a class reunion, you'll never see them alive again. You might even be amongst those classmates who have passed away by the time your 10 year reunion rolls around.. That's something nobody ever thinks about while still in school, and about half of us start to think about a couple weeks before graduation.

I lost 3 friends (1 suicide, 2 to car wrecks) before my senior yewr was half over. And another friend in a car wreck 6 months after graduation.

My 40th reunion is this fall, or was supposed to be this fall... on the weekend of the high school Homecoming football game. I'd originally planned to keep my transition a secret and just show up and surprise everyone, but one of my old friends from marching band, who I knew would've gotten the biggest kick out of seeing me now... I mean it would've blown his mind.... shock at first, then the loudest full belly laughter till his face turned red, but ultimately full 1000% acceptance and support, and with all the jokes and ribbing, with my permission and blessing of course, I'd probably have had to teach him some of the newest bad jokes.... we would've had to grandest time..ll except he passed away from cancer late summer of 2019. I never got the chance to introduce him to Ruby, and he never knew. Dammit, dammit, dammit 😭
So I made the big announcement to our 40th Reunion Facebook Group last fall. Support and acceptance has been 1000%.

Another friend who I'd reconnected with and had chatted with via FB messenger was so looking forwards to seeing me again after all these years. She was a grandmother and lived in Lubbock, TX and originally wasn't even going to come to the reunion, but changed her mind to get the opportunity to see me in person again. Earlier this month, just 5 days before my 58th birthday, she suddenly passed away.😭

With this virus oandemic going on i have no idea if more of my classmates will pass away before October. I don't know if the reunion will even be held or not. I don't know if I'll even still be around by then. There is so much uncertainty happening now.
Wow all this time I thought that Rob actually hated gay people. It turns out he was just like my friend from when I was fifteen who would call things "gay" to mean "rubbish". I asked him why he did this, but he was like "It's just a joke, chill a little". I didn't like him and thankfully haven't seen him for years.
Alex (Guest)
Just started reading your comic two days ago and I'm loving it! Super interesting and enjoyable! I can't wait to see more.
He's grown so much!