11th Mar 2020, 8:58 AM in Ch. 39 - The Aftermath
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Author Notes:
Not too much to say here. Apparently Rudy hasn't seen Colette since he got all flustered and walked off after hinting(?) to his transness to Aidyn and Madison. And yeah, maybe Rudy's worrying a little much, but last he saw, Colette wasn't exactly in the best headspace. He just wants to make sure his friend is okay. Likewise, Gavin wants to make sure his friend, Rudy, is okay. Lots of wholesome worrying today. ^^;

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User comments:
maxberry (Guest)
Have you ever considered posting Rain on a site like tapas or webtoon? Sorry for the odd question, I was just wondering a bit <3
OOOH! Rain would go very well on Tapas which was designed for single-page uploads, although the more successful webtoons update whole chapters at once, so unless Jocelyn plans on uploading once every few months, I don't see Webtoons working out terribly well.
DianaeFox (Guest)
The main reason WebTOON wouldn't work is because of how the Canvas/Originals system works.

While Jocelyn has enough of a backlog that she could possibly post her work on Canvas and have regular updates for a few years if she had someone who would be willing to reformat her pages to long vertical strips as opposed to comic pages. I don't know if some of the panels might need to be redrawn for legibility.

There are some artists that post shorter "chapters" that equate to a page or three of Rain, and break their stories up into "seasons" which would be equivalent to current Chapters.

The downside is that most of the artists on WebTOON hope to be tapped for "Original" status, which has some pretty strict contractual requirements in exchange for more monetary gains. Often Artists end up redrawing their whole series if this happens.
Ash (Guest)
Oh god, hope my boy's alright -w-
Liz (Guest)
Oh my god I finally got caught up on this comic and??? I want more?? Where is it??
You know a cis person is a true ally when they gender you correctly even in their thoughts. Rudy has come a long way since "Thought Process" and "Junk", which were less than a year ago for him.

Honestly that means a lot to me because I worry about people misgendering me behind my back. Thank you Rudy and Jocelyn.
Gavin's support is wholesome support
It's nice that Gavin realized something is up