12th Feb 2020, 11:03 AM in Ch. 39 - The Aftermath
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Author Notes:
I'm sure a few people may have forgotten some details, but for the record, this isn't coming out of nowhere. Rudy's never really been a big fan of Drew. He generally tries to be nice to everyone, and usually starts out fairly civil to Drew, but he's always had a shorter fuse with him.

We haven't seen much of Drew teasing Rudy as it'd mostly have occurred prior to the current school year (prior to Drew seeing Ky at the Halloween party and starting to question himself). But there are certainly instances of teasing (subsequently followed by Rudy's impatience with him).

This is not meant to imply Drew is a bad person (he's grown a lot). Nor do I think Rudy is wrong to hold a grudge, given the circumstances. Things are just complicated sometimes. Either way, this conversation will wrap up next time. I'm trying extra hard to keep every scene between Monday and Friday this chapter (so no scene changes midweek, if possible). But in the meantime, let me hear your thoughts on this little exchange so far.

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User comments:
I think people tend to forget how they mistreated other people, but they starkly remember how they were mistreated. I have ample evidence of when I was acting homophobic and transphobic in the past in middle school, which was largely me trying to fit in at the expense of the people braver than me who were openly being themselves. And myself, because in truth, I'm very deeply LGBTQ. I acted so poorly, and I regret a lot, thinking back. I wonder how many people I directly or indirectly hurt. Probably a lot more than I'd expect, including myself.
Oh Rudy is not in the wrong at all. The worse thing about if someone has treated you like shit is when they dont even acknowledge or remember that they did, then look at you weird when you are defensive and or mean back at them.
TK (Guest)
I doubt Drew is purposely not acknowledging it. He probably genuinely forgot or wouldn't think he'd do something like that. I'd imagine he'd still apologize soon though.
My mom likes to think of herself as a big "ally." I think she probably is now, but she wasn't when I was growing up. She's changed a lot as a person since then. I still haven't forgotten
1)In elementary school, she told me she was going to cut off my hair while I was sleeping, and I was afraid to fall asleep for a long time. (She never actually did it, unlike Kellen).
2)On my 16th birthday, she mockingly said to me "16 years old and never been kissed!"
Sylvia (Guest)
Ooof at #1. Had that same shit said to me in middle school by both my mom and my stepdad at the time.

Never came to it; but there is no reason to instill that specific kinda fear in a child just because they like their hair a tad longer than a bowl cut 9.9

Mom changed her tune on that one after not seeing me for almost a decade and suddenly loved my long hair and never wants me to cut it off 9.9 No clue on the step dad; that particular dick died of cancer about that long ago too.
Kalciphoz (Guest)
"Of course you don't remember. It didn't affect you the way it affected me."

It probably will now.
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
I like that Rudy is standing up for himself and I like the acknowledgement that just because someone is nice (or doing better as an ally), you don't owe it to them to be their friend or forget/forgive the ways they've hurt you.
Agua (Guest)
I just realixed that in the beginning of the story, Rudy hid that he got bullied -- he told Maria he fell on a door or off the stairs when he got punched that one time. But now, he's starting to stand up for himself. I know it started long ago, when Gavin and him told off Todd in the bathroom, then that time Todd wanted to punch him and Rudy sassed him or truth-talked him until he got so pissed he stopped. It's nice to see him grow and start adressing issues and telling bullies and ex-bullies off. He's learning to cultivate self-love and it's honestly really frickin' heartwarming to see him this way. Especially with how he started to go out as Ruby more often -- I'm just so happy to see him becoming more in touch with who he is an exploring it and not being afraid to stay true to who he is, and this page just really is the catalyst to all of that. He's looking back on a time when he wouldn't have said anything, and in hindsight we really see how much he's changed for the better. He used to be so freaking unhappy and now he's becoming so much more vibrant!!!
Lil (Guest)
I’ve just discovered Rain again after not reading it for a couple of years, and this page made me remember back to when my best friend and I were talking about Drew and Rudy years ago and I theorised that Drew had been a part of the group that made Rudy’s life hell...

I’m weirdly happy with myself for guessing correctly, even if it was a few years ago :D
therandomestersons (Guest)
The last panel reminds me of a quote i heard some time ago. "The tree remembers, but the axe forgets."
Well that's unfortunate. I don't blame Rudy at all though