10th Feb 2020, 8:30 AM in Ch. 39 - The Aftermath
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Author Notes:
As a refresher, Rudy was one of the only people not present when Rain and Emily kissed at prom. He and Colette were elsewhere in the moment. See for yourself. So where were they, then? Well, Rudy and Colette were out in the lobby, probably the last ones to know.

Them and any other plot-irrelevant rando who went to the bathroom at the wrong time, I guess. XD

"Finally starting to move on a bit", though? What do you suppose happened?

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User comments:
Neelix (Guest)
What do I suppose happened? Dancing in the lobby... during which two lonely friends found themselves slightly less lonely for spending time with the other...
Tualha (Guest)
Does Drew not know that Rudy and Rain were once an item?
I think Drew's more confused as to why Rudy leaving the dance helped him to move on better.
Drake Zephyr
Everyone in the school knew so I'd think so.
Drew knows about Rain and Rudy's relationship, and he is one of the few people who knows why Rudy and Rain really broke up. What he doesn't know, as Neonshi alluded to, is
a)That Rudy talked to Colette in the lobby during prom.
b)That Colette is actually a man.
c)That Rudy has a crush on Colette.
jesslc (Guest)
Maybe because Rudy's been hanging out with a cool trans guy... who he seems to get on well with... ;)

From a pragmatic perspective though, simply helping Colette out with his issues is probably distracting Rudy from focusing on Rain and her issues so much. Which is probably helping him get over her. Going straight back into being friends and not just that - even closer friends with Rain than he was before they dated - I think that almost certainly part of the reason Rudy's been struggling to get over her. I'm a firm believer in "Take some space to get over the break up then, and only then, try to go back to being friends (if you both want to)".

Of course, given it's high school and Rain and Rudy are both part of the same small friend group, that is trickier. Neither of them really had any other people to hang out with at school. But that's just another reason why befriending Colette is probably doing Rudy good. Even if it never goes further than just friendship.
Tani (Guest)
I doubt it will end up this way, but I can imagine Rudy's reaction if he and Colette get together after high school. Probably would be all excited to watch him "get hot" over time.
Chirpy (Guest)
Nooo, I started reading rain like last week and now im all caught up, now I gotta wait ;-;
This comic is amazing btw, thank you for making this :)
Fourth Nate (Guest)
Glad Rudy is finally moving on, but... crushing on Colette is probably honestly setting himself up for more heartbreak, considering Colette's leaving for college soon, and probably looking for some distance. It's good he's making new friends, giving himself some room to breathe
Zensunni (Guest)
I don't suppose he was moving on in a similar way to what Rain was doing with her girlfriend on the dance floor?
catlife333 (Guest)
Good for Rudy! But actually, I just now realized (perhaps very late) that Rudy and Colette might have a thing for eachother. But also, that guy Colette went to prom with (I don’t remember his name sorry), is he going to be upset? They aren’t dating or something right? He did seem a bit upset when Colette was wearing another guy’s jacket.
Why is Drew so surprised?