31st Jan 2020, 8:58 AM in Ch. 39 - The Aftermath
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Author Notes:
Sorry, Brother Arthur. I don't think there's any way to get this "straight". XD

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User comments:
I like how all the students are blushing, except for Rudy who (to me) looks like "Yeah we pulled the perfect caper on the school, and we're gonna get away scot free"
That's how Rudy is! I like it too, and yeah, no surprises here.
I love that Drew's smiling, he's not totally ashamed of dancing with someone who's not a girl.
Twinvibes (Guest)
Honestly one of my fav pages so far haha
Neelix (Guest)
Here's my prediction for the rest of this conversation: ;-)
Brother Arthur: "Right... Well.. Congratulations on having what sounds like a marvellously good time. However, please remember that you are now back in school, and such behaviour is not appropriate here. Dismissed!"
Some Ed
I think it would be nice if you're right, but unfortunately I think it's more likely zophah is.
Vulcan (Guest)
I get the feeling that, however sympathetic Brother Arthur might be, it's not going to be that easy.
Microraptor (Guest)
I'm reminded of a favorite saying of one of my friends: I'm so gay I can't even think straight.
rae_dragon-elf (Guest)
Honestly, I'm not gay but I feel this saying to my core!! I'm not society's sane and can't think "straight" because of it xD
I know someone with a mug that says that
Sarah (Guest)
For some reason, the voice in my head that I hear when reading Brother Arthur's lines is the voice of the Japanese VA that does Eraser Head in MHA.

Doesn't help that the bottom-left panel looks like he's 100% done with the day already.
Mecaterpillar (Guest)
Depending on what the rules are, it may be that only Rain actually gets in trouble. No matter what, Drew is not actually getting in trouble (as he didn’t actively do much and I doubt there‘d be a rule against bringing genderfluid guests) and Maria is getting off scott free (she’s left the school and is out of their reach now).
Leah (Guest)
The teacher who was checking names at prom already okayed Rain and Chanel, so I don't think they can be punished for that now.

Rudy might get in trouble for breaking prom dress code if there was one.

Dancing with same-gender friends is pretty common at these events, especially for kids who don't have a date and just want to party with their friends. Usually it's a group of people, not couple dancing, but still.
The person checking the kids in isn't actually a teacher or even affiliated with the school. The prom was at some outside reception hall, and they were staff there.

So they have no say in anything at this point.
zophah (Guest)
I'm guessing he will have to have them punished for any outwardly obvious affections because that might be what's required of his current position. He'll tell them upfront why he disagrees with the choice, but that he's forced to follow through.
Adama (Guest)
I like Emily's quietly happy smile the best.
Jocelyn's note about the page 😏 snrk
snrk snrk
snrk snrk snrk
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
Rudy is so totally unrepentant. I love it.

This is definitely one of my favorite pages and I think it really represents the series as a whole. <3
Sine (Guest)
Why yes sir! It was an elaborate plan, thanks for noticing!
Emily (Guest)
That perfectly captures Rudy's expression to me :D I can picture him saying it on-panel.
Sine (Guest)
Bwaha, it's totally his smirk that does it.
Emily (Guest)
Okay so potentially weird comment time: I love Chanel's hand in the last panel. Big "this person is mature and capable" vibes.
Brother Arthur (Guest)
Is it just me, or does Brother Arthur look like he's pretty much dead in panel 6?
Username checks out
Missing panel #8 after Chanel's remark about her and Maria kissing each other a couple times: panel simply shows Brother Arthur rolling his eyes as he spontaneously flicks a pen he's been holding (unseen in his left hand) up and backwards over his head and thinks to himself "this morning would be a good day to take up drinking"
yo I can't think straight rn... bc I'm too gay
Gabi (Guest)
Wow, that was a bold move on Chanel's side! She could have got away with that, but I guess she wanted to dive right into it! This is her first time getting into trouble at school, isn't it? I wonder if she's excited about it.
I believe that on Valentine's day Brother Arthur had to warn Maria and Chanel to tone down the gay (I know hard to do) or Father Quenton would have to punish them.
jesslc (Guest)
I feel sorry for Brother Arthur here... His past behaviour has clearly shown that he is keen to be a good ally. But as the acting principal for the school, he probably needs to be seen to do something about these matters (even if that's just a reprimand). He won't be able to be an ally for future students if the diocese removes him his position for "sympathizing with gay people" or something like that, and I'm sure he's aware of that.
jesslc (Guest)
Oh I forgot to say, I love Chanel speaking up in the last panel - she's adorable. And Jocelyn's comment is hilarious!  :D
Gotta love brother Arthur's face in the second to last panel
Sorry Brother Arthur, there's nothing straight about any of this.
I love that Chanel added that last part. She wanted credit for her "crimes"