Lovely Morning
29th Jan 2020, 11:37 AM in Ch. 39 - The Aftermath
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Lovely Morning
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Author Notes:
First day back at school after prom, and needless to say the gossip is everywhere. Brother Arthur barely gets in the door before he starts hearing all of it.

It's worth noting that while Brother Arthur wasn't present at prom himself, there were teachers there. Mr. Broom in particular was awfully adamant about his higher ups being made aware, so maybe that explains a lot of why Rain, Emily, Rudy, Chanel, and Drew are all standing around in front of Brother Arthur's office.

Since Father Quenton is out of the picture, how do you think this will go? Brother Arthur is usually a pretty laid back guy, right?

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Pacce (Guest)
He still gotta answer to school board and what have you, so this might not go so great for anyone involved.
Comrade Musk
Private schools, at least in my experience, don't have school boards. I don't know about Catholic schools, though.
Some Ed
Brother Arthur may be a pretty laid back guy, but he's kind of in the hot seat now.

I expect that he'll communicate a bit about what pressures he's under in his new position and how this impacts him. "This is what I have to deal with, so I hope you all will work with me so I don't have to do these things I don't want to do."

Some of what he requests will be things they understood they were supposed to do, but weren't because other things felt like better options to them, and other things will be things they hadn't realized they could do to get around certain issues without raising official responses. That is, "based on the literal wording of the rules, if you were to do it this way, I couldn't be required to do anything about it."
Yeah, I imagine he has to give them some sort of punishment given the situation but I can't believe he would make it too terrible. Detentions would suffice I think but idk. (Though I know Emily was already given a lot of detention so I'm not sure about her)
Draca (Guest)
She might have to deal with a *gasp* suspension
Don't forget that Brother Arthur had a trans sibling (trans girl, I think, but I'm not sure), so he's probably in an Aiken-ish situation where he used to be closed-minded but is getting better
Mir (Guest) and 227 for reference. Aiken was an ignorant jerk, but quickly came around with a little research. Arthur was likely beyond even Kellen's level of malice to warrant Will going no-contact for 17+ years. Arthur may be one of the best trans allies in the story, but as mentioned he's still the principal and has obligations that put him in a tough spot regarding the queer ensemble in front of him.
Trans guy if my memory serves me
DalishHeart (Guest)
So, I cannot remember what happened to Father Quinton?
Mir (Guest)
Got removed for corruption, namely taking bribes to let Todd bully without any consequences.
Brother Arthur is probably going to be lenient especially because the only rules that were broken didn't actually hurt anyone. Dress code (Rudy), Rain (bringing a same sex date to prom, kissing another girl) Chanel (going to prom as Rain's plus one)
Emily (kissing another girl) Drew (dancing with Ky?)
All minor rule breaks IMO
Drake Zephyr
You didn't see anything... *Waves hands* If we all use the force, he won't know what happened.
Sine (Guest)
Poor Brother Arthur!

Anyway, while minor infractions, and that's a stretch; remember this is a religious led school- and he may have to answer to a board* or whatever. So it may not be all smiles and ticks on the wrist.

*Is no way near the US, so assume that's how it works.
William Melton (Guest)
He mentioned earlier reporting to a Diocese. So, this could get very interesting as to what they want to do, given how connected some of these students are to the removal of the last guy...
dwere (Guest)
"*Is no way near the US, so assume that's how it works."

I'm in the US, and all I can say is most religious schools here work just as strangely as you could imagine. Back in my day they were even weirder, at least that's what the young'ns tell me when I've asked.
William Melton (Guest)
Given how many of these students are seniors, and their combined connection to the removal of the last head of school, I could see Father Arthur having a notice from higher-up to just sweep the entire set of events under the rug and warn the students not to let it happen again. It would be far less of a headache for his superiors.
SometimesIReadComics (Guest)
Why is it that when something happens, it's always you five?
Gabi (Guest)
I don't recall Drew getting in trouble that much. I think Gavin's been caught up in more drama than Drew has.
dwere (Guest)
That last line from Rudy is pretty much the entire page in eight words. Great punchline!
Emily (Guest)
Yeahhhhh can't wait to see what Br. Arthur does next! He's my favourite character, hands down.
Gabi (Guest)
Well, no one's getting expelled, but they could get a lecture on how the things they did are indecent and can have negative effects on their lives.
Waffle (Guest)
Aw, Chanel's getting in trouble for Rain's ruse? At least Gavin and Ana appear to have escaped the lineup.
Great opening to the chapter