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27th Dec 2019, 10:47 AM in Ch. 38 - Supportive
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Author Notes:
Hm? What's that, Jessica? You haven't had a chance to shove a second pile of bread, cheese, and sauce into your mouth in or order to stall. Well, lucky for you, you've got a text. That's a great way to drift away from the conversation! XD

I like how much Jess gets all talkative as soon as it's got nothing to do with her, though. Like, if I'm really nervous to talk about something, I do tend to stumble and stall (for example, it happened a lot in my early days of transition when I was still coming out to people). On the other hand, if in that very same conversation, the person I was just struggling to talk to started bringing up anything else, all that shyness could just vanish in an instant. It's amazing how vocal a person might get when it's specifically not the thing they're stressing out over. XD

And as I addressed at the beginning of this chapter, this is all happening parallel to prom from the previous chapter. So, what Jess is describing now, is Rain's plan to get Chanel into prom (which has already happened by this point; if Fara's there, so is Rain). I can't give you an exact timeframe of what part of prom we're up to right now, but you'll probably figure it out soon. ;)

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
That's probably not information that she should be sharing with Kellen, at least not without asking Rain first. Sure, Jessica is nervous and not thinking all that clearly, but she still probably shouldn't have said that.
Ari (Guest)
why should rain care? she's not associating with Kellen anymore, anyway
I don't normally go way off topic and completely introduce another topic from way out of left field in discussion threads..... no, waitaminute, yes I do.... in fact it's one of my hallmark traits, lol!

I know the prom chapter has already ended with the kissing scene between Rain and Emily....
But, I was just re-reading some older pages and something got my attention.... Back at the prom, when everyone saw Rudy in a dress, I can't help but wonder if either Ana or Collette might have possibly had a brief flashback to that girl in the red top and black skirt at the mall who had the collision with Collette in the restroom, and suddenly the lightbulb goes on in their head... like Aha! Now I know why that girl in red and black looked so familiar.
Would be a good flashback memory as all the kids are departing the assembly hall where the prom is held, when the evening is over with, or the next time back at school when they're all talking about the prom at their lunch table, to bring the topic up with Rudy

They both already know that was Rudy, though. He pretty openly told them himself. So I don't know if said flashback would be entirely necessary. :)
I forgot all about those encounters 🤦🏼‍♀️
Trying to keep 1200+ pages of webcomics committed to the foreground of one's memory while keeping it all indexed and all the metadata contextual linkages refreshed in your mind that have developed along the way.... is kinda hard work.... especially when I'm getting uncomfortable close to seeing my 60th year only a couple more years away..... nah, I blame my brain malfunctions on all the gabapentin and hydrocodone I took for pain meds while recovering from my boob job. 😸
Lexi (Guest)
Glad I'm finally caught up. Someone on a trans server turned me onto your comic about a month ago and I've been in love with it. Thanks for a great comic! Can't wait for more!
Rebecca Ashford
Hey Jocelyn I just had a question I know it doesn't effect the story but was curious if Jessica was pre-op or post op or non Op just curious love the comic!
@Rebecca Ashford

Jess is pre-op. I might not normally go into stuff like this, but in Jess' case it is a little relevant, as her not having that surgery kinda led to her coming out to Aiken, and him dumping her.

The guy's come far since then, but he did not handle this stuff well at first...
Stop avoiding the topic you came here to discuss!