High School in a Nutshell
16th Dec 2010, 1:02 PM in Ch 1: The New Girl
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High School in a Nutshell
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Author Notes:
There's a lot of characters shown here. Don’t worry though, it’s not technically necessary to know all of them by name. Few of them are crucial to the story, but you never know, I may come up with a perfect role for some of these kids. ^_^

Also, you can almost kinda sorta see Rain’s left eye for the first time. The wacky part: I totally don’t remember drawing it like that. O_o

Huh. I thought I’d have more to say about this one. But all of my points escape me at the moment. These ten-hour shifts at my job are apparently killing my ability to think. Oh well. If you guys have questions about it, just ask as always. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
User comments:
Rainboq (Guest)
Simply brilliant pencil work, I wish I could draw half that well.
Yep. That's high school alright.
Great job setting up the characters here.
"A REAL man." Ugh! *eyeroll* Definitely got high school life right.
Some Ed
Would be nice if the 'real man' crap was done after high school, though.
Anonymous (Guest)

Emily (;
Minim (Guest)
1st panel: Ahh, school bells, how I do not miss thee.

2nd panel: Hey, Rain, I'll distract them so you can get away. Teenage boys can be the worst sometimes...

3rd panel: *Somebody* hates Rain... 'skank' seems a rather (c)rude word to use about someone you've hardly met yet Emily.

4th panel: Both of them are obviously hoping that Rain is of compatible orientation with them.
(Spoiler Warning)

Seeing Emily act like that after reading the entire comic so far is really weird, I completely forgot what she was like at the start honestly
Absentia (Guest)
right! plus seeing the boys try and flirt with Rain is super weird considering what we learn about everyone and the future relationships that get made.
Oh god...do I detect dangerously high levels of "Miss. Perfect"? What do you mean "Perfect" senior year, you "totally not spoiled" "person"?
Tokuben (Guest)
Oh man, its so weird seeing Emily like this knowing what happens to her after. She really changed a lot, and that's why she's my favorite.
I feel so bad for Rain in this page. Also Early Emily is something I definitely don't miss. She was definitely written well because she sucks