7th Jun 2019, 10:30 AM in Ch. 37 - Prom Night
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Author Notes:
Fara hasn't been doing a whole lot in the story recently, so it kinda makes sense that she's the last to know about the clothing swap or Maria still actually coming to prom. But man, poor lady's in the dark a lot today. XD

I generally like this page, but there's just something extra special to me about panel 4. Ruby's genuine excitement at seeing Maria just really warms my heart.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Y'all probably know I hate plugging by now, but it is part of my job from time to time. So, one more for my Patreon this week.

As I said the other day, if folks are interested in some new art and/or info (I put up one Rain-related post and one Moonlight Wanderers-related post this week), and/or you just wanna help me out, feel free to become a patron today. And if you can't do it, certainly no hard feelings and you don't need to explain yourself. You do what you have to do for you; I'm just trying to do what I have to for me. ^_^
User comments:
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
"No, I expected the dress. I was wondering what's with the monicle, actually". <-- Hahaha, when you know your sibling well. <3
Fox (Guest)
This is nice yeah for family reunions of the good kind 😁
Anastasia (Guest)
I love Maria so much right now <3333333333
Kyle (Guest)
I've yet to say this, but, hands down, Ruby is the best dressed at this prom. Glad to see the Strongwell siblings reunited again. Wonder if Maria will ask about their parents on the next page, or at some other point.
doombird (Guest)
I don't know how that monocle didn't pop out and go flying, tbh. Those are some serious skills.
Such a cute and wholesome page!
Catlife333 (Guest)
I half-expected rudy to clobber maria with a hug
In this fandom we stan femboy Ru(d|b)y
The first time talking to her brother in what felt like forever and the first thing she wants to talk about is the monocle. I can tell just from that line alone that they are siblings