29th May 2019, 7:55 AM in Ch. 37 - Prom Night
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Author Notes:
I know. Y'all just wanted to see some cute MarNel stuff, and instead we get this (I swear, I never get the cute pages on my birthday). But you can't just disappear from your partner's life without a word for months and expect everything to go right back to the way it was without some kind of discussion. Especially when you're a teenager, a couple months can feel like an extra long time.

Does this mean they'll break up? Not necessarily. This is a bump in the road for them, but talking about things, I think, is important. It's better than letting it linger and stew. And this has already had months to do just that. It's not the fun, cute page we all wanted, but it might even be for the better in the long run.

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I just wanted to shout out a general thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. I had a very simple, very quiet day, and that's just the way I like it. (And no worries to anyone else who might have forgotten, not known, or missed it. It's totally okay.) ^_^
User comments:
Malyra (Guest)
It's your birthday? Happy birthday! I hope its relaxing :)
doombird (Guest)
Oh, wow, ow, will you look at that, it's my entire life written out in one single four-bubble panel!
"Sorry I'm so bad at staying in touch but I forgot to stay in touch and then I remembered to stay in touch and it had been so long since I'd been in touch that getting in touch would just highlight how long I'd been out of touch and now it's been seven years lol oops hi"

Happy birthday Jocelyn! I'm glad you are out there!!!
Mavis the Rain Beau (Guest)
Happy birthday! Also, I still love how Maria's hair looks, especially in the sixth panel.
Timinthy (Guest)
Happy birthday!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️👌👌🍰🍰🎂🎂🍷🍷🌈🌈
Happy 35th!
Happy birthday Jocelyn

I think marnel will get through this bump in the road of there relationship
Mookie (Guest)
Not if there is where their relationship sticks. Chanel doesn't need to be Maria's doormat. Maria needs to be impressed with how much this is SO NOT OKAY. Right now Maria is saying the words but she has yet to learn how she needs to make Chanel her HIGH PRIORITY. Otherwise Maria WILL do this again and Charnel won't survive. They need to sit down. Chanel can put Maria over her knee and smack her ass till she gets it. Hehheh :D ;n)
Mookie (Guest)
Because look, in the last frame, that glare from Maria. Like, oh, I just made this huge effort, gave my big speech and even gave quick lip—service to what it put you through. See, it's all about MY anxiety. How dare you feel put-off and be a tad slow to respond! Jump through my hoops. NOW!

No. I don't think Maria has learned yet.
Fox (Guest)
That's not a glare fam, look at the eyebrows, Maria's sad. This all sounds like hard core projection because absolutely nothing in comic has indicated that Maria is the kind of person you're making her out to be.

Besides, a relationship is a two way street, Chanelle is just as responsible for it as Maria. Chanelle could have texted Maria herself instead of stewing, she could have gotten Blair's number from Emily if she didn't have one for Maria. Chanelle and Maria are equally responsible for communicating in their relationship.
Mookie (Guest)
And I'm not making her out to be anything. She hasn't done anything? She neglected Chanel for a month.

Dude, leave it alone.

If you had a clue, you'd see this is just an excuse for Chanel to have fun giving Maria a spanking. ;)
Fox (Guest)
You're strawmanning, but nice try. I said Maria has done nothing to indicate she'd expect Chanelle to "jump through hoops", your arguing against something that was never even said.

Either you're joking or you're confused, Chanelle is not even comfortable letting Maria measure her for a dress, so spanking Maria is not going to happen, besides this is slice of life, not porn, relationships don't work that way.
Mookie (Guest)
I'm not projecting. Maybe you are. Take a closer look. That's anger. Not sadness. Or do you say the artwork wasn't spot on?

But you're right about it being a two way street. Sometimes it's even a boulevard. After the first 20 times Chanel texted Maria and got nothing back, she should have persisted and tried 50 more times.
Fox (Guest)
So your rebuttal boils down to "no you are"? Why not try actually addressing my points? Maria and Chanelle both have the same eyebrow position, sad, Maria is just looking down because she's taller. The art is fine, your interpretation of it is off. As for Chanelle having texted her"20 times", link to the page where it said she texted her at all.
I'm also not seeing anything indicating anger. Maria seems remorseful to me. Which would be more in character than being angry at her girlfriend for such a petty reason.
To confirm, Maria's face in the last panel is intended to depict remorse. She's apologizing because she recognizes what she's done and regrets it, and she says as much.

Readers may, of course, decide whether her apology is enough or not for themselves, but as the author, I can confirm Maria is very much being genuine here.
Matt (Guest)
Happy Birthday!

It’s my birthday on Friday 31st, and here’s hoping for a lighter page :-)
purplespacecats (Guest)
godddddd that anxiety experience is /so/ painfully relatable

but it’s actually super validating to see maria explain it—like, it feels impossible to explain because it’s so irrational
I'm no expert, but being able to have this kind of discussion without breaking up seems like a sign of a healthy relationship. Thank you Jocelyn, and Happy Birthday!!!
Fox (Guest)
I definitely think that this talk is necessary and healthy for them both. Also, happy birthday!
Too little too late. Chanel shouldn't have to put up with this sort of treatment. Just dump her already.
Fox (Guest)
If Maria could text Chanelle then Chanelle could get a hold of Maria. If nothing else, she could have gotten Blair's number from Emily and gotten a hold of Maria that way. Chanelle is just as responsible for communicating with Maria as Maria is with Chanelle. Chanelle could have done something sooner instead of stewing, they BOTH gave in to their anxiety and let it dictate their actions.

Maria : I know. And I agree. I'm sorry.

She just admitted to being at fault and not Chanel. She wouldn't say that unless it was so.
Fox (Guest)
She agreed she should have texted Chanelle, that doesn't equate to taking on all the responsibility for the lack of communication. False equivalence.
Anastasia (Guest)
Girl. Maria. I feel you. I’ve done this so many times. Took me eight months for me to talk to one friend again.
a teenager (Guest)
happy birthday old lady :D
birthday? happy birthday!
DramaDork (Guest)
Happy birthday!!!!
Ninjasnowball (Guest)
Happy birthday!!!!!!
I love that Maria's lack of communication and presence is actually having consequences. It would've been boring and unrealistic if everything was all sunshine and rainbows. Months of nothing from her had to have taken a toll on chanel. Loving the dialogue here too. This whole comic as great.
Drake Zephyr
CrownedSun (Guest)
I both know where Maria is coming from AND where Chanel is so... yeah.. I get it.

Sometimes it gets hard to reach out to people, and the fact that you haven't makes THAT hard, and that can compile with itself and create this huge THING. You have to work past this, the people that are important to you have to know that you're there, you can't just rely on inertia to keep a relationship going. But, it's not always EASY to reach out.

At the same time, there's nothing worse than having no idea what is happening and being utterly cast adrift without direction. Not knowing where things stand, if something has changed, beating yourself up while simultaneously getting upset but not sure if you SHOULD be upset or if maybe something is the matter.

So, yeah.

I've been on both sides of this.
drs (Guest)
Life tip: If someone you care about reaches out to you, always try to say something in response. Especially if you let it pass and they reach out a second time. Even if all you can manage is a one-liner like "Sorry I'm stressed/depressed busy", that is way way better than nothing.
Waffle (Guest)
I mean, this isn't un-cute. Emotionally weighty, but they're good people who like each other, communicating.
It's nice that they had an honest conversation about the way they felt