24th May 2019, 8:59 AM in Ch. 37 - Prom Night
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Author Notes:
So, Ky and Ruby have already headed back to the dance floor. Ana's stepped away to collect herself. And Drew probably needs a little time to think about things. This leaves Rain, Gavin, Emily and Chanel still standing out in the lobby, emotionally exhausted from everything going on and probably still processing a fair bit of it.

Until of course, a familiar voice sasses to them! ^_^

Over forty pages into the chapter, Maria finally makes her appearance (decked in her church dress, many ear piercings, and blue hair)! I don't know if her excuse sounds like forty pages of lateness, so maybe there's more to it. Maybe not. But either way, it gave me an opportunity to cameo Isaac and Blair into a chapter where they wouldn't have otherwise appeared.

This should get interesting. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
William (Guest)
Yes, a lot has happened (hence forty pages) but it does not seem like much time has passed (maybe half an hour?) so Maria is not very late.
Drake Zephyr
It's been 40 pages already? Feels like hardly any time has passed at all.
Drake Zephyr
Maria wa supah Kawaii-desu.
Maria-san wa supaa kawaii desu
Tualha (Guest)
Maria-sempai wa supaa kirei desu ^_^
Drake Zephyr
Yeah I know it's wa. It's been a while. Also it's Senpai.
You do not need Maria wa.
Maria is already the subject of conversation, Chou Kawaii desu is enough. Additionally, you’d want to give Maria some sort of honorific (likely Chan)
Honey Wheeler (Guest)
Maria has two gay dad-friends now.
Susie (Guest)
Kyle (Guest)
My two takeaways from this page. 1. Gavin, you idiot! You were supposed to go after Ana! 2. Hooray! The cavalry has arrived!!
don't worry luvs, cavalries here!

In Gavin's defense, Ana just said, "Don't worry about me. I just need a minute." I realize there's this idea where people think "don't follow me" is code for "please follow me". Sometimes, people really do just need some space, though; to have that freedom to breathe or cry or get whatever out of their system at their pace.

So, giving Ana the space she just asked for was, I think, the better move on his part. Gavin can make sure she's okay when she gets back. :)
Vulcan (Guest)
The trick being, for many male/female relationships that sort of backward code not only exists, but is the norm. It's almost like many women expect the men in their lives to read their mind instead of listen to what they say.
Quin (Guest)
the only reason that male/female "coded language" continues to exist is that people, like you, insist that it exists.

Nobody is 100% honest about their feelings all of the time. Almost everybody says "I'm fine" when they aren't; some people say "Leave me alone a moment" when they need the most attention. But the gender of the speaker doesn't matter a wit. The only reason we, as society, think of this as a "female" trait is because we, society again, don't think "males" should show their feelings. If we got rid of that societal pressure, allowed "men" to vent and express their emotions in natural ways, then not only would your argument fall apart but we would all be better off for it.
William (Guest)
To echo Jocely's remarks. when someone who is upset asks to be left alone, it is a difficult judgement call as to what to do. Note, in the previous strip Ana comes to the opposite conclusion. Drew asks to be left alone, and Ana ignores this, with good results (at least for Drew, the short term results for Ana are not as good, but the long term results may be). [The is also the practical issue that one obvious place for Ana to retreat to is the washroom.]
Sometimes I want someone to look after me, but I don't want to feel like I'm being needy by asking them. So I say that I'm ok but actually I want someone to check up on me, and when they inevitably don't, I feel slightly hurt
Omg this is too cute Maria looks gorgeous <3
I love the blue in her hair!
Araiel (Guest)
^This person knows what's important in life
Anastasia (Guest)
Rain is super cute here :3
yea, the profile of her hair in panel 2 is amazing
William Melton (Guest)
Yay! I was waiting for Maria!

Now, we only need Drew to get a friggin' clue as to what he needs do to make Ky far less blue.
Neelix (Guest)
I'd argue that Ky is already a lot less blue now in more ways than one and Drew had nothing to do with it. ;-)
Maria! 😍
She looks great!