The Reveal, Part 1
15th May 2019, 9:04 AM in Ch. 37 - Prom Night
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The Reveal, Part 1
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Author Notes:
The first of our two outfit swappers emerges, changed and ready to hit the dance floor! :D

Since this is probably the less dramatic of the two reveals, I decided to use this as an opportunity to address a number of concerns readers have presented in the buildup to the swap. For instance, yes, they are different heights, but their builds are pretty similar, so the clothes fit comfortably enough. Yes, Rudy probably has somewhat bigger feet and wouldn't likely fit in Ky's heels, so they do not trade shoes. And yes, Rudy can still touch up his hair and even makeup thanks to the infinite space provided by the "pockets of holding" featured on every pair of men's pants. XD

Sigh... And yes, Rudy kept the monocle. ^^;

This all leads us to Ruby. ^_^

And before you ask, Rain's final line is very quiet muttering. No one hears that other than herself and the fourth wall. Not even Ruby (who is immediately next to her) catches it, so you don't have to worry if Drew overheard (not that I think that'd even register to him right now).

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
maybe not drew ... but DEBBIE! she has laser hearing!

not that this would make any difference ... light and sound ... they have little to do with each other. so ... is debbie deaf? ^_^

Joking aside, I do think Ruby looks cute with the monocle!
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
Heck yeah! Does this mean we get to see Ky this Friday?

Also, wow, Ruby. A hairbrush? Those are some spectacular pockets, even for men's clothes. (But so not surprised she's got everything already, especially since she was anticipating a scenario like this one...)

Will Ruby be faking her voice the way Rain does? Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't, and in this situation (regardless) she's less likely to pass than with random strangers.
Drake Zephyr
Aren't their girl clothes that have large enough pockets? Could also just buy a fanny pack rain.
There are, in fact, extremely few girl clothes with pockets even large enough to fit a small phone in. I very much empathize with Rain in this situation.
@Drake Zephyr

Girl clothes with pockets exist, but it's not common. I have a pair of jeans with no pockets, in fact. Pocket designs sewn in where they would be, but no pockets. It's very annoying.

I carry around a messenger bag everywhere I go, so I can still generally take what I need with me, but still, it's an adjustment. Pre-transition, I used to be able to reliably carry my wallet, keys, and phone in my pockets every time I went out; sometimes I'd even tuck my DS in there if I plan on having downtime. So it's weird to not be able to carry even one of those things - much less all of them - without a separate bag now.

And... a fanny pack? Really? Rain might be like twenty years too late for that one. ^^;
Rain Beau Dash (Guest)
I have no trouble finding female pants with pockets the same size as male pants...
I only need a bag if i wear a dress, never once needed a bag when i wear jeans. In a regular girls jeans there fit 2 cellphones, medicines, wallet, tissues, and well that's all i need to fit in it.

My mom is like 'girls don't wear stuff in their pockets!' and then i'm like 'they do if it actually fits'
@Rain Beau Dash

Where do you get your pants? That sounds simply magical! :O
Chrissy (Guest)
I almost exclusively wear dresses with pockets. Thanks Thinkgeek, Svaha, and Lularoe.
BellaBoo1492 (Guest)
LOL!! For some reason, even most womens’ dress pants have zero pocket space. I compete in speech and debate, and my guy friends will have the same fit as me, but with DEEP pocket space!! So if any of u know any places that sell womens’ business clothes with good pockets??
_A wild comment from the future appears_
Or like 10 years to early. At least right now fanny packs are all over the place!
Vulcan (Guest)
The reason women's clothes don't have big pockets is simple. Women choose clothes that show off their bodies. It's that simple.

When your clothes are that close to your body, there simply is no room for large pockets - much less storing anything of significant bulk in them.

The solution is simple. Trade appearance for practicality. Wear men's pants. Your backside won't look as good in them, but you'll not only have pockets, you'll also have room in them for stuff.
Rain Beau Dash (Guest)
Bulking standard female pants with stuff doesn't have an influence on the tight fitting and the flow of my figure, in fact you hardly notice. They're big enough. I get mine from C&A and never had issues with pockets too small!
And yes i do wear relatively tight fitting jeans, though in large sizes.
Bloom (Guest)
Ya this is bunk... 'Guy' pants come with their own set of problems, and not all 'girl' pants are form fitting. I used to wear baggier women's jeans because with mens it was either SUPER tight on the waist, or WAY too long in the leg. They are just generally built for taller people.

With womens, it was a way better fit, even when a bit loose, and a little curve without a tight hugging makes pockets ENTIRELY possible. This is also ignoring the either lack of or small size of pockets in skirts, dresses, coats, etc. Not to mention the fight for more functional clothing has been going on for AGES.

So I will have to call your bluff on this one.

"Centuries ago, all clothing was created sans pockets. Men and women carried their belongings in small pouches tied around the waist. Then, some 400 years ago, pockets were sewn into men's clothing, but this same feature was omitted from female garments. In the early 1800s, slimmer silhouettes came into style, so women no longer could wear pockets under clothes but had to wear them over clothes — and their pockets got much smaller."
Alice (Guest)
I still wear men's pants all the time, especially at work, not just for the pockets but because they're almost always made of more durable material, and nobody notices they're men's pants anyway because they're PANTS. I have less body dysphoria than most, so I'm not bothered by the little "M" on the tag, or the fact that the size is given in waist and inseam measurements instead of an arbitrary number.

Nothing wrong with Ruby keeping the monocle. Girls can totally rock the look. One example:
Anastasia (Guest)
Ruby is so cute :3
Chrissy (Guest)
OK, now the bigger question... Since Rudy had brought that stuff in his suit pockets, what is Ruby going to do with them now...
zophah (Guest)
Women's pockets... What is the point of having pockets at all if nothing can fit in them? It doesn't make sense!
Yes! I was waiting!
Does Ruby go by She/her?
Rudy just likes to crossdress. It isn't tied to his identity. For practical purposes, his friends likely use she/her when they're at - for example - the mall together. Just to keep folks from staring if they were to overhear.

But using he/him for Ruby (as I do here for clarity's sake) isn't misgendering in the same way that Drew misgendered Ky earlier this chapter. Nor would it be deadnaming to refer to Ruby as Rudy while he's wearing a dress. Rudy is a cis guy.

This is all just my own 2 cents on the matter though, as a trans woman.
That's what I thought (OP here) but I just wanted to be sure
I figured the comments would be full of pocket Injustice talk, I am surprised that there are many positive pocket postings (say that 5 times fast :p )
I am hoping Drew doesn't screw this up. Come on, dance with Kyle, smooch him and to hell with what others think.
I have five pairs of black pants. All are stretchy and comfortable. 4/5 have pockets. 3/5 specifically have the usual front/side pockets. All of them are plus size women‘s!

Places I have gotten them from:
Goodwill (this place is like my home I swear)
Fred Meyers
and I think maybe Walmart? Though that might just be the sixth pair that didn’t have a very long lifespan before becoming nearly unwearable for various reasons, and that I only have because I am lazy (they had pockets though)

My mother has gotten dresses on a site called Eshakti that sells reasonably priced custom dresses that generally have pocket options!
I have been very pleased by the sizes of their pockets and their costumer service.

If I ever buy myself a dress I will probably use them!

Id wear mens pants but given my body type Ive been unable to really find any that fit. Id have to lose weight and thats really hard given exercise means movement that generally causes dysphoria which leads me to hate it and... yeah. Maybe... someday...
IakKereshna (Guest)
There is a solution that I think I've come up with: capes. Get yourself a good cape and hide pockets on the inside of it. I've been using a jacket with more pockets than I have fingers&toes as a cape for years.
When I came out as fluid, I stopped carrying a purse. I try to fit a most of my stuff into pockets, but not all my pants are “guy pants,” the “women’s” cut do fit me better as they are made for my body type. However I don’t like carrying a purse, and during my period I have to carry pads, so a bag is unavoidable. What ends up happening is I carry a backpack most of the time. However it’s so unfair, even if it’s small I either get searched or I’m told I can’t bring it in places. However their are these ladies with MASSIVE purses that get to walk in.

Ugh. Unfair.

Anyway, Dress looks stunning! Can’t wait to see Ky!
lanodan (Guest)
> pockets

Oh yes, seriously, normal skirts with pockets and not just in anime plz.

> Ky's heels

Wait, Ky had heels? But how is this gonna work out for Ky, like does they have a spare set of shoes or going to exchange with someone else?
Tux + heels? Maybe they're ok with that
Tani (Guest)
My only regret is lack of pockets. I used to carry around a phone, seven inch tablet, two chargers with cables, wallet, recording quality headphones, composition notebook, and chapter book in my pockets AND have the back pockets for other things. Now I can do my phone and maybe a 20 to buy lunch.
Here's my prediction for the next two pages. Tomorrow's page will have Ky in his outfit looking spiffy, but Drew will show up in the last panel. This will leave us on a cliffhanger until Monday's page when we find out how Drew reacts.
William (Guest)
Agree that a cliffhanger will be set up on Friday. However, I don't think it will be resolved on Monday. I predict a shift to see what e.g. Maria is doing.
Fourth Nate (Guest)
Predictions! At this point, I think Drew understands enough to not get upset at Ky, but... he might not be able to handle essentially outing himself to the whole school. Maybe he'll leave early? I don't know, I hope he's okay. And that Ky's okay. I hope they're all okay, I'm such a wuss ;P
Chrissy (Guest)
I just realized, that look and pose in Panel 5 really reminds me of boy mode Ranma, from Ranma 1/2
Zdisslava (Guest)
Just reading this comic for, like, the hundreth time, and it's still as awesome as the first time. Funnilly enough though, the first time I read this I thought Rain said "sometimes I miss 'gay' pockets. XD
Waffle (Guest)
Is that a M.Y.T.H. Inc reference in panels 2-3?

(For those not familiar: one of the main characters is from a species/culture of "Pervects". A lot of people, either accidentally or maliciously, say "Perverts" instead, so the character is in the habit of angrily correcting them. On one occasion someone does get it right the first time, leading to a backtrack much like the third panel here.)

I'm one of those not familiar, so I guess not. XD

But it sounds like it's basically the same idea. Because basically every time up to this point that Ruby has appeared, Gavin always says "Rudy" first, whereupon he's met with a casual "It's Ruby". This time, Gavin said "Ruby" and was habitually corrected, only to realize he did say it right that time.
So is Ruby just going to give her makeup supplies to Ky so they can store it in there pockets? What is she going to do with them?