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13th May 2019, 8:25 AM in Ch. 37 - Prom Night
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Author Notes:
Not a particularly verbose page, but an important one.

In case you've forgotten Gavin's "like we discussed" line, he's been over this with Drew before.

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User comments:
Anastasia (Guest)
“Extreme” lol. They’re just clothes. They shouldn’t matter to anyone other than the one wearing them (to whom they matter as much as the person cares!).
Mavis the Rain Beau (Guest)
Yeah, in a perfect world, but unfortunately, no one is perfect, and it's hard not to judge. I know this firsthand and second hand.
Nipper (Guest)
I thought everyone was being too hard on Drew for not understanding, basically being an idiot. I reread 1022 and I had forgotten the discussion with Gavin. We are all waiting to see the Prom play out. 1022 was a great panel Jocelyn.
Can I ask, why is Drew's tie pink?? I thought usually guys matched their ties to their date's outfit (much like Gavin and Ana), but the dress Ky came in is turquoise.

I don't think matching with one's date is necessary, but it does usually look nicer.

Honestly I just imagined that behind the scenes, his mother probably tried to insist on a wholly pink tux for him 'cause it makes him look like "such a sweet gentleman". Drew though, would just worry about how that looks to the other guys (as he does) and he goes for the plainest black tux he could find. The pink tie just remains as a bit of a compromise between them.

None of this is addressed on screen, mind you. It's just what I was thinking when I decided to do that. XD
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
I always love getting off-screen headcanons~ Thanks for the explanation, Jocelyn! I was wondering that too...
Thanks Jocelyn! I asked because I knew you probably had a reason in mind!
Neelix (Guest)
Also keep in mind that by the time they were picking outfits Drew and Ky weren't really planning on going together as a couple any more, as they had already broken up, (which IIRC was triggered when Ky couldn't guarantee that they would be in girl-mode on prom night) so there was probably no co-ordination between them on outfits at all.
Chanel and Rain aren't coordinated either :P
Mavis the Rain Beau (Guest)
I ... don't think that really counts, but Emily and Rain are not coordinated
Sessy (Guest)
To quote a certain smuggler; "I've got a bad feeling about this"
Tualha (Guest)
Yep. As I thought, this is going to be THE moment of truth for Ky/Drew. Can he handle having his date dressed that way? If he screws it up this time, I think Ky’s going to be done with him. I wonder if he knows it? Probably not.

It will be interesting to see if he can manage to overcome his cultural conditioning in the next five minutes, well enough to treat Ky the way they want to be treated. It doesn’t seem very likely, but I really hope he does, because otherwise Ky’s going to be hurt again, and they don’t deserve that.

Well, perhaps Jocelyn has something more subtle and clever planned than this binary choice. Time will tell …
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
I know I'm being optimistic (I could use some good news right now), but in the last panel Drew isn't angry or upset so I think there's still hope for him. But, echoing other posters, yeah... how he responds in the next few minutes is probably gonna determine if Ky&Drew has any hope at all. (C'mon Drew! You can do it - let Ky have a fun night at prom with their date! They're absolutely worth the effort of changing your views.)
Can't see it in the pics presented but hopefully they're swapping shoes too. And even though the dress is long, floor length, you gotta presume Ky had stockings or pantyhose underneath and Rudy would be needing those too.... haha somebody had to bring that up!
lare290 (Guest)
I'm sure Rudy would have stockings with him at all times, just in case :P
Gilly (Guest)
I am with Drew on extreme - it probably has to be extreme to change in a public lavatory especially one which one is unfamiliar with unfamiliar people using it. Not to say the need is not extreme but yeah changing in a new and public lavatory is.
Cerberus (Guest)
Ugh, Drew.

Ky deserves someone so much better than someone who will not listen to them or even acknowledge their pain and who can AT BEST barely tolerate them with great effort. Let this blow up and let them have a loving relationship with someone who doesn't need to be handheld to the point of even acknowleging them as a person.
Fox (Guest)
Agreed, ignorance and lack of understanding is one thing, but he seems to lack empathy for them too. I'm going to wait and see what happens, but I'm not impressed with his continued lack of growth so far.
Tualha (Guest)
Well, IRL, I would agree with you. But this is a story, and I suspect Jocelyn will do something less simple, more interesting, and more educational. At least, I hope so.
I would agree with you, but based on how Drew has acted over time, it seems to me like he really likes Ky whether or not they are in girl mode. It can be hard for a cis person to break years of cultural conditioning, but it seems like Drew really does want to learn. I think the real question is whether Drew cares more about Ky's happiness or the way his friends would look at him if they saw him with a "guy". If he chooses his friends, then he isn't worth Ky's time. If he chooses Ky (I hope he does), then it shows a really big step for him.
16BitGirl (Guest)
Really Drew, it's only going to be okay if you go into the bathroom, be a man about it and Put On That Dress.
Who's going to get the monocle, though, I wonder?
Lets hope Drew doesn't make a fool of himself