8th May 2019, 9:36 AM in Ch. 37 - Prom Night
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Author Notes:
Not gonna lie, I was pretty jazzed when I realized I'd never named a page after Ana prior to this, 'cause I think this is a fitting one for her. ^_^

In case it's not clear, this scene is Ana standing outside the ladies room stall where Ky is changing out of their dress to enact the first stage of Ky and Rudy's outfit switching plan. I kept the focus strictly on Ana though (Ky is changing, so showing them felt kind of inappropriate). It's a rather simple page really, but I think that simplicity works in its favor as Ana tells Ky about... "someone".

And before anyone accuses me of stalling with pages like this because I know y'all just wanna see Rudy and Ky switch it up already... well, yeah. I guess. Maybe a little bit of stalling, but this page is significant nonetheless.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Johanna (Guest)
Anastasia (Guest)
Omg Ana is so cute here! She makes me happy :3
Panel 6 is my favorite panel with her now.
"And before anyone accuses me of stalling...."

Well, yea, Ky is in a stall, and Ana standing outside a stall. Of course that is stalling!
Zing! Duly noted. XD
I now expect Rudy to make a stalling joke and Gavin to groan over it. XD
Whoops, wasn't logged in...
Naro (Guest)
The characters are in a somewhat different circumstance, but I'm reminded of the bathroom scene in Wandering Son.
WaywardS0ci0path (Guest)
Why is Anna blushing? Do I see a possible relationship?
KK (Guest)
No, she is having a lot of feelings because she realized she can still be supportive while maintaining her privacy.
Anastasia (Guest)
Ana, not Anna.
KK (Guest)
This page is important I think because it shows character development for Ana. She has realized that not everyone is her, and while her reaction to Rain was based on pure fear and emotion, it was also selfish and irrational. She realizes that she can be supportive of other people while maintaining her own privacy, and give people the support she wishes she had.
Fox (Guest)
I agree with you 100%.
....and maybe also Ana is beginning to realize that sometimes, no matter what, there are times and situations where you have to own up to your own past and embrace it... not hide it away, bury and forget it. Everything we’ve experienced in our lives, whether good, bad or neutral, becomes building blocks of who we are at the “right now” and sometimes we can reach back to use those experiences to help a friend in their situation or strengthen a connection to a friend.
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
I don't really see how this applies here. She's not doing or offering anything any cis person couldn't... like multiple currently are, for that matter. Realizing she can still maintain her privacy and be a supportive friend is one thing, but let's not go down some road like every trans person has to be Vincent.
Some Ed
Yes, but for someone who has been through this stuff, to help someone else through it requires owning their past rather than distancing themselves from it.
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
This train of thought doesn't follow. If she's not offering any help or perspective that a cis ally - like, for instance, Gavin - could easily also have the awareness to offer, then how is it somehow "accepting your past" or whatever? I think if somebody has the chance to choose to focus on the present and let the past stay in the past, to be who they are now without thinking about the steps they took to get there, they should. Focusing on the past - especially the negative parts - doesn't help anyone. Just let yourself be a good and whole person without having to explain why to yourself or anyone else.
I love the translucent material round Ana's collarbones! Such a lovely effect
Being real subtle there Ana