24th Apr 2019, 9:58 AM in Ch. 37 - Prom Night
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Author Notes:
Quick check-in with Rudy and Ky (and also Gavin and Ana). Is Emily and Debbie's conversation complete? Who knows? Maybe there's more, but for now, we're gonna do a little jumping around here to keep things moving. I know some of you were getting impatient with wanting to see how these outfit switching shenanigans pan out anyway, and little by little, we're getting there (but there's so much to cover!).

I really love this page, though. Ky excitedly relaying their plan for the switch while Gavin overthinks and worries about it going wrong (as he does). Rudy being super chill and just rolling with whatever Ky wants. Ana not really slipping up, but thinking she did and acting more conspicuous to cover it up. The whole thing is just fun and cute and I'm really happy with it.

I hope you y'all like it too.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
jaidyn (Guest)
ahh, I love ana's "cover-up" so much, what an adorable page! ;w:
Wait. This is missing something. Something that will ensure that nothing can go wrong. Trust me, I've seen movies.

*pulls out my phone*
*starts playing mission impossible theme*
Drake Zephyr
Ana, you're only hurting yourself by not being honest with Gavin.

(Yes, I do know people are gonna reply rant with stuff talking about how dysphoria works or whatever, don't bother since I know your gonna say it.)
@Drake Zephyr

Not at all. I was going to reply by saying Ana's not obligated to tell anyone anything if she doesn't want to. That is 1,000% her choice who she tells what about herself, and she can divulge as much or as little as she wants. Period. ^_^
Anastasia (Guest)

Right?! People act like you are obligated to tell your partner, but you’re not!
Laura (Guest)
Yeah, nobody needs to know that personal stuff if you aren't comfortable with telling them.
Ms. K. (Guest)
I am Ana. I'll support trans people with my last dying breathe but I'm not going to tell anyone about my past and how people seen me. I have many friends that just know me as I am now and I don't have any plans in telling them about my past anytime soon or ever.
I will never have the luxury of being an Ana (even though I’m a chimera like she is... my heterochromia is central, same in both eyes, not left/right different colors). No matter how much feminization I achieve through transition, I’ll still always be clockable and “visibly trans” for having started so late in life. But at least I started!
Drake Zephyr
I never said it wasn't her choice, course it is. But because plot we all know it'll happen at some point in the story anyways.
Catlife333 (Guest)
I’m nonbinary, so I don’t much get the privilege of passing AND being stealth, the same as binary folks. That said, I kind of have to agree in that, I’m not sure I get why Ana feels so set on hiding, particularly with those she’s close to. She is still a woman either way and she knows her friends know that. And she gets all panicky if she thinks one of her friends will find her out. I just don’t get at this point what she is so afraid of happening if say Gavin DID find out.
Ms. K (Guest)
It's not "hiding". Some people just want to live their lives without having to bring up their past ever time they meet someone.
William (Guest)
We know Ana's last boyfriend was physically abusive. We do not know why. However one explanation (likely given the context) would also explain why Ana does not want Gavin to find out.
Chrissy (Guest)
Unfortunately, for many who were born with an intersex condition, (as has been implied with Ana) there's often so much medical intervention and shame pushed on them that they are extremely uncomfortable with people knowing about their history. Unfortunately for many, (again as implied with Ana), their bodies are even surgically modified to more closely match either male or female standards at an age where they can't possibly consent to such procedures, further contributing to the shame they feel for their history.

Now, if she were out at least to her friends, she wouldn't have had to backpedal so hard in that last panel. I'm certain that Gavin did pick up on that at least somewhat.
Drake Zephyr
I get it. I was just trying to use a popular quote to sound wise!
Ana: desperately tries to cover
Gavin: Completely oblivious to anything being covered up and would only ever get suspicious of the fact something is being covered up.
WaywardS0ci0path (Guest)
So you’re using they/them pronouns for Ky. Is that just what you call them instead of specifying boy or girl, or are they feeling non-binary right now? I’m confused. They obviously aren’t in ‘Girl Mode,’ but are they fully in boy mode or in between? The use of they/them just threw me off a bit in regards to that. By the way, LOVE the chapter so far!
Aria (Guest)
It has been my personal experience that Enbies usually do go with neutral pronouns, unless otherwise specified.
From what I understand (which isn't very much I don't think) is that when they are talking to Ky, they use whatever pronouns are right, but when talking about Ky, the speaker would most likely not know what their pronouns are. It's can also be used to refer to *anyone* whose gender is unknown (I used it for weeks unknowing if one of my classmates was a trans male or just genderless). In Jocelyn's case (and correct me if I'm wrong). I'd assume that she uses their in the comments simply because she's become so familiar with both sides of Ky (and also what I said with talking about).
KK (Guest)
I actually understand why Ana doesn't want to tell Gavin. He has a thing about being the one cishet guy and she may worry that he will be less interested in her because he mentioned feeling like the odd one out among them.
Anyway, it's pretty clear that she is safe to tell him if she chooses to. I feel like Gavin is going to put two and two together eventually. Who knows.
Chrissy (Guest)
Wonder if that'd change if Ana knew Gavin has fantasized about both Rain and Ruby....

Fourth Nate (Guest)
It seems like a risky move, but I don't think there's actually that much risk in switching outfits. If the teachers start telling them off, Aunt Fara will intervene, and if they try to formally penalize Rudy, it'll have to go through Brother Arthur, who I think would stop anything too serious, and besides, both Rudy and Ky are planning to go to a different school next year. Probably, the biggest risk is their classmates getting aggressive
Ana's strong comment sounds like something that a medical specialist... or someone with personal experience would say... so I felt that she spoke out of passion and let her guard down.
but no one would have actually had her slip register in their mind if her total demeanor didn't take a total 180 :)
Waffle (Guest)
Hey, it could be worse. It could be likely to get Gavin and Ana in trouble too.
I think the plan is "positively bonkers" in the best way