20th Feb 2019, 9:28 AM in Ch. 37 - Prom Night
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Author Notes:
We open with Gavin, Ana, Devon, and Holly. With a chapter revolving around all the major recurring kids in the school, I'm sure many of you have got someone you really want to see. Some are already here, but elsewhere on the floor. Some will arrive a bit later. Just about everyone will get a fair amount of screentime though. Bear with me as I slowly unveil everyone; there's a method to my madness. ^_^

I would also like to introduce the reception hall's attendant, hanging out in the lobby just outside the dance hall, to check in the students. By a friend's suggestion, I'm naming this one, Taylor. Taylor is by no means a major character, and we might never canonically hear that name in the comic itself. However, we will see this one a few more times over the course of the chapter as other characters arrive.

Some little costume notes:
I wanted Ana's dress - which we can't see all of just yet - to look kinda regal and elegant. The backless dress with the see-through collarbone section is just the kind of fanciness I'd expect from her. Ana's hair is also done up in a fancier version of how she usually wears it, and she's even got some nice new earrings. Not gonna lie, this is not the kind of dress I'd be into in real life, but I really think it suits her.

Believe it or not, Gavin's suit is sorta loosely inspired by the one I wore to my prom. It's not what I wanted to wear, of course, but it would still be a few more years before I started coming out to people, and a full decade before I started transition. Maybe it's not what I wanted to wear deep down, but on the bright side, it was still a pretty dapper look and my boy Gavin wears it well. Mine had a burgundy tie and vest, but I tend to associate Gavin more with green, so there's a little change there. Plus, it's a color that suits Ana well too, and they're so cute matching with each other~! ^_^

The origin of Holly's dress was based on something I found in a Google Image search, except it was more of an aqua blue color, I think. While that color might've looked better, I've got to keep up this running gag that Holly only ever, completely unwittingly, wears brown and white. It's such a dumb gag, but it never fails to amuse me. XD

Devon's tux, we don't get such a clear look at just yet since he's so far away (we'll get a better look on the next page). It will probably become obvious as the chapter goes that I had a much harder time making tuxes look distinct versus doing so with the dresses. Devon was the first of the boys whose suit I worked out. And from there, I think most of the other tuxes were designed with mostly just little distinctions (usually with the blazers and ties). But Devon's the original! The trendsetter!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy everyone's attire here and for the rest of the chapter. I've put probably too much thought into most of it. And of course, I hope you enjoy the story and interactions to come too. I can only speak for myself, but I'm really excited for this chapter. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Leeloo (Guest)
Probably good you didn't make it blue, otherwise we would be arguing about whether it's blue and black or white and gold :-)

Oh, geez. I didn't even think of that. XD
*Jocelyn scrambles to change someone's dress color last minute upon hearing this revelation*
William Melton (Guest)
Just as long as it's not tears on a river.
Alice (Guest)
This is really starting to bring back my worries about Rain and Chanel when they try to get in.
Lemonado Girl
*sweating intensifies*
Some Ed
I *tried* to sign up with my date, but due to a clerical error, I was prevented from doing so. A friend was in a similar predicament, so we traded dates. It's all good.

Note that every word was true - she just didn't say which clerics made the errors.
Katie (Guest)
Hmmmm! I feel like that tidbit about our new and as-yet-pronoun-free friend Taylor might actually bode well for Rain at check-in time. Here’s hoping! Everyone looks so great :)
Taylor does look to be young enough, and presumably hip enough, to be cool with everyone... the polite greeting and uplifting smalltalk bodes well too.

Hope I’m not wrong.
Chrissy (Guest)
Not to mention appearing androgynous enough...
Matt (Guest)
Come on Gavin, fasten up your jacket buttons (coat to Americans) and look a lot smarter :-)
Three things jump out at me on this page:

1)Whoa, everyone looks really different in fancy attire.

2)Nice Chanel avatar.

3)The author comments conspicuously avoid using any pronouns for Taylor. Could they be enby?
William Melton (Guest)
Will Taylor be a recurring character? I think it would be interesting to see Rain's storm of comrades grow to encompass more of the school. Then she can shed some lightning on the problems plaguing those not "standard" and thunder for a better world.
William Melton (Guest)
Sorry, couldn't help myself. I get punny at times.
Ike (Guest)
I see Devon's in his best Eleventh Doctor cosplay.
Ok I love Taylor can I hc them as nonbinary
Drake Zephyr
Ana, gorgeous as always. Gavin, looking sharp my dude!
doombird (Guest)
It WAS a super dapper look! But looking back, I bet you would have looked even more awesome in the kind of ridiculous pseudo-goth qipao that I ended up wearing. (High school. Oof) Maybe not the much more ridiculous platform boots though - I wouldn't do those again either XD
MorganCeann (Guest)
I love the shock at Holly's speed...I picture an epic anime-style dash complete with a little sonic boom burst of wind
You sure she's not Naruto Running
Madeline (Guest)
Seriously? They had prom on my 12th birthday? That's kinda fun to see.
I'm convinced Holly can teleport
I will never get over Ana's dress. I want it, it's so prettyyyy 😭💜