Comic 1121 - Rain pre-Chapter 37 recap

11th Feb 2019, 6:38 PM in Special
Rain pre-Chapter 37 recap
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Jocelyn 11th Feb 2019, 6:38 PM edit delete
Friendly reminder that Rain shall return next Monday, on February 18th. Back to three updates a week. The next chapter is the prom chapter, which has been a very long time coming. I think it was first brought up as early as Chapter 20.

Though it had a few mentions here and there, it didn't start getting talked up a lot until prom registration began in Chapter 30. So, I wanna take this opportunity to give a "little" recap to prom build-up. Most of it happens from Chapters 30 on (which I do recommend simply rereading to refresh yourself if you can spare the time). Otherwise, here's the cliffnotes version. ^_^


So, St. Hallvard's prom takes place at a separate, independent reception hall. While admission is handled by the school, and there are teachers there to chaperone, the event is more or less out of the school's hands. So there's a lot of freedom when you're there...

...But before students can get there, the school's registration form is little restricting. It is senior prom, so naturally, only seniors can go unattended. They don't need to bring anyone if they don't want to, but if they're on their own, they must to be in their senior year. This locks out underclassman characters (most notably Ana, Rudy, and Chanel). However, underclassmen can be brought to prom by a senior student as their "guest". Seniors can even bring students from other schools (notably, Ky)! The snag for the main cast, is the school specifying that only boy/girl pairings are allowed. Rain's friend group, however, is primarily made up of queer girls, and has only one senior boy.


So how does everyone else get to prom? Well, let's go over everyone one by one. I made a chart a while ago which you can still reference, but the blurb here will go over reasoning and exactly when everything happens in more detail along with pages to reference.

Starting with the easy one: Devon and Holly are both seniors, a boy/girl pair, and actually dating. That one's probably a no-brainer.


Likewise, Gavin likes Ana and asked her to prom. Ana seems to like him back and said yes. It's not clear whether or not they're dating, but they are cute together. Gavin is the only senior boy in their friend group, so while this complicates things a little, Ana's a junior, so she was going to need help getting in anyway.


Emily is taking Rudy, but mostly just as a means of getting him in. There's no real connection between the two beyond that. While there are other senior girls in their group, Emily did make the most sense to take him. Rain and Rudy are exes, so that could've been awkward. And Maria is his sister, which also could look awkward. Since Emily knows her girlfriend is going to prom anyway, she doesn't mind just accompanying Rudy just so he can be there.


Drew asked Ky, off-camera. To which Ky said yes.

Mind you, their relationship has since been a bit strained. Drew has repeatedly proven an inability to grasp Ky's genderfluidity, and has even hurt Ky with his ignorance despite having it explained to him more than once. Is he malicious? No, he's really just a yutz, probably struggling to unlearn a closeminded upbringing. But that still doesn't invalidate how this all effects Ky.

Since then, Drew has gotten further advice...

...And Ky is still confirmed to be going. Whether Drew is, is potentially unclear? Perhaps we'll learn more about the situation AT prom.


Colette was introduced into the story by being asked by Aidyn (an extremely minor character whose first appearance dates back to Chapter 5, but is otherwise spotted only very rarely). For what it's worth, Aidyn's a junior, but Colette is a senior, so this matchup indeed works. They seem to like each other too.

It's probably worth noting that Aidyn hasn't stopped being pretty insignificant to the story, and is largely forgettable. In fact, a big part of why I wanted to write this recap, is because it seems a lot of people expect to see Colette with Rudy. They have been seen together a lot more frequently than Colette and Aidyn after all. And Rudy is also the only one Colette's come out to about being a trans boy up to this point. I wonder how this little triangle will all play out...


The last - and perhaps most important - prom pairing you should know is Rain and Chanel. This goes against all the rules, as they're both girls. But with Chanel being a freshman and no other senior boys the main friend group is close enough to ask available, choices are limited. Readers have suggested Chanel ask Drew or Randy, but bear in mind, these guys are not part of the main group. Chanel doesn't know them well, and is uncomfortable around most boys as is (due to a bit of a traumatic history for her).

So Rain offered to take Chanel to prom. But how? The idea is that Rain's name is legally still Ryan, up to and including in the school's records. So Rain could fill out the form as "Ryan" taking Chanel to prom and maybe sneak under the radar. We've even seen Rain drop off the registration form with no further hiccups as of yet.

In fairness, just a couple days after that form was dropped off, some wild stuff went down. Not the least of which being Maria's expulsion, and the subsequent stack of lawsuits threatening the school regarding [just some of] Todd's various overlooked bullying/assault offenses. This, in itself, led to the removal of Father Quenton as principal of the school. Who was going to prom with who may have been a pretty low priority at the time even if someone had caught on to Rain's plan.


As for the others...

Maria may not be in St. Hallvard anymore, but her ticket is still payed for. And she's quite adamant that she'll be there to dance with Chanel, consequences be damned.

Debbie, Rob, and Randy (all seniors) have not been shown acquiring a date. Heck, I don't recall any of them mentioning an interest in anyone in the past (outside of Rob thinking Rain and some other girls are cute). Debbie and Rob, I'll just confirm now are going on their own. They might not have partners or dates, but they can be there with their friends, at least. Randy's a standup guy, well-liked by a lot of people, but he's also pretty quiet. If he has a date, no one knows yet.

And for completion sake, Todd isn't a senior, and also isn't even in the school anymore. A lot of readers suspect he could still crash the prom, but he's definitely not getting there the normal way at this point.

Madison (Aidyn's sister, and an equally minor character) just isn't going. She's a sophomore, doesn't have a date/partner and has even expressed that she's not interested in going. (Technically, for story reasons, I wanted all the main named kids to be at prom. But not everyone cares about prom, so I just decided to use Madison to represent that. So I'm outright telling you there's no twist here; she doesn't want to go and therefore, she's not going).

Also, for the three of you that even remember Brett, he's a freshman, has appeared on like 2-3 pages tops (and over half the story ago at this point), and probably isn't the type to be into prom either. So let's just say you won't see him there either.


I hope this helps. Again, if you need more context, I recommend rereading Chapters 30-36 if you can spare the time. Alternately, don't hesitate to ask if you're still confused. I'm happy to help anyway I can.

See you next Monday, everyone! ^_^
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Ciary 12th Feb 2019, 1:21 AM edit delete reply
I looked at that picture and my first thought was: New danganronpa line up?!

Let's hope not -_-

Also, from left to right:
Randy, Ana, Gavin, Aidyn, "Colette", Rudy, Maria, Chanel, Rain, Emily, Ky, Drew, Rob, Devon, Holly, Debby?
Is that correct?
it says something about how well you make your character if you can recognize so many of them just by their silhouette
Neelix 12th Feb 2019, 7:38 AM edit delete reply
Nahh, they are all the Rain characters who are going to the prom if I'm not mistaken.
Several of them are fairly obvious, others less so.
I'm not sure about the one on the far right, but I think it may be Debbie. The next two are fairly obviously Holly and Devon, followed by Robb and Drew. Next is Ky, Emily (I think) , Rain and Chanel. From here it's considerably harder to tell, but I'm guessing the next 4 are Maria, Rudy, Collette and Aiden. The next two seem to be Gavin and Ana and I'm guessing the one on the far left is Randy.

I could of course be quite wrong :-)
Ciary 12th Feb 2019, 7:57 AM edit delete reply
I was just trying the same thing and came to the same conclusion ^_^
Absentia 17th Apr 2021, 2:40 PM edit delete reply
Danganronpa 4: Raining Prom
bgb16999 13th Feb 2019, 12:12 AM edit delete reply
Excellent summary of recent events for the people who need it. And I was not expecting Brett to make it into the recap.

So...looking ahead, I can't help but notice that the recentish developments with Jessica, Heather, Aiken, and Kellen were left out of the synopsis. I am guessing that means they won't be in the next chapter, or that if they are they will have a small role (e.g., Heather might cameo as Ky is getting ready to go).

I'm also ready to put down my prediction that the title of the next chapter is "Prom Night." I am basing that prediction on the Deviant Art folder for Chapter 37, which is currently titled "Ch-37-PN."
Ike 18th Feb 2019, 5:04 PM edit delete reply
I see this and raise you this alternative:

Prom Nightmare
Absentia 12th Aug 2021, 2:24 AM edit delete reply
Rereading the comic and just had a thought

Is Maddison going to be revealed to be aromantic? It hasn't been represented yet, and she would fit well into it.
Sam 15th Oct 2021, 1:16 AM edit delete reply
Starting left-to-right: Randy, Maria, Gavin, Rudy, Colette (for now), Aidyn?, Madison, Chanel, Rain, Emily, Ky, Drew, Drew's Friend, Devon, Holly, x

Damn. I guess I've been enjoying your comic if I can pick almost everyone out.
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