Comic 1079 - Chapter E Preview

6th Aug 2018, 12:13 PM in Summer 2018 Hiatus
Chapter E Preview
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Author Notes:

Jocelyn 6th Aug 2018, 12:13 PM edit delete
As you're probably aware, I am on working hiatus with Rain right now. But what am I working on? My primary objective right now is writing and drawing the bonus content for Rain - Volume 5. If you're familiar with any of the previous books (available here), the main draw are the bonus chapters: full-length one-offs which, while not essential to understanding the overall story, do add some context for things and can be fun and informative. Usually, this is done by presenting some backstory for one (or a few) character(s).

In Chapter A: Ryan, we focused on Rain's childhood when she first came into the care of Fara.

In Chapter B: A Rose by Any Other Name, we were introduced to a younger Maria during her first relationship.

In Chapter C: True Family, we have all the main kids in present day hanging out talking about their family lives, with special emphasis on Ky.

In Chapter D: Before Rain, we focus on the students of St. Hallvard throughout the year before Rain arrived there.

This brings us to now. Volume 5's Chapter E: Another Kind of Love primarily revolves around Jessica. With the last two books, I posted a random page from each of the bonus chapters here so that I could promote some excitement without giving away too much. But there's a lot going on in this one, and I just feel like there's too much to potentially spoil. So today, I decided to instead showcase the cover page (which may still raise some questions). ^_^

Going a step even further though, Chapter E is actually pretty short for a bonus chapter. It focuses on a short scene, does what it needs to do, and then it ends. So as my second surprise for you today, Volume 5 contains not one but two bonus chapters. I won't be talking about Chapter F in detail today, but you can expect to hear more and probably see an excerpt for it in the future as well. ^_^

And forgive the plug but: this was shown on my Patreon last week. I've been slacking a bit with Patreon through most of this year, but I plan on getting back into it from now on. For example, patrons were able to see this piece a few days early (and in color). And if this is the kind of thing that appeals to you (and you're able to offer that kind of financial support), please come check it out here. If not, no hard feelings. ^_^


Anyway, I hope things are going well for you all through this hiatus. You can expect to see more new stuff very soon. Please have a lovely day. ^_^
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Phrrl 6th Aug 2018, 12:55 PM edit delete reply
I've always liked both Heather and Jessica, and felt they'd make a great couple even before their rather intoxicated evening... Really looking forward to the bonus chapter when the book comes out!
PrincessChooChoo 6th Aug 2018, 5:17 PM edit delete reply
You should put a link to the store on the comic website. I found it once before, but I'm interested in buying the books now and I literally cannot find it.
Jocelyn 6th Aug 2018, 7:22 PM edit delete reply

Duly noted. You can find the books here:
NorthernDruid 8th Aug 2018, 8:45 AM edit delete reply
are the books availible as PDF?
bgb16999 8th Aug 2018, 8:11 PM edit delete reply
They aren't AFAIK, but they should be. Lulu will sell PDFs in addition to print if the author tells them to, and it would really make it easier for people to financially support the comic.
TBTerra 9th Aug 2018, 7:32 AM edit delete reply
That as maybe, but it would also make it impossible to keep the bonus chapters exclusive to the books
Kyle 9th Aug 2018, 12:53 PM edit delete reply
Do Blair and his boyfriend have a big role in the bonus comic? Will we see them in the main story?
j-eagle12212012 10th Aug 2018, 7:08 AM edit delete reply
I love the bonus chapters . I can't wait to add volume 5 to my collection. You keep being awesome Jocelyn
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