Tressa Travels for Treasure
11th Jul 2018, 8:05 AM in Summer 2018 Hiatus
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Tressa Travels for Treasure
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Author Notes:
While I've been very busily drawing/writing/planning a lot of things over the last couple weeks, there hasn't been a whole lot I can show just yet. That sounds like as good a cue as any to pause from the main stuff briefly to make a little fanart so I can share something with you. ^_^

Octopath Traveler - a gorgeous retro-styled JRPG, and possibly the biggest reason I was sold on the Nintendo Switch - finally comes out this Friday and I'm looking forward to putting all my time not dedicated to work into that game (as is, the soundtrack has been on repeat while I draw lately). The character portrayed here is Tressa, one of the eight playable characters. I haven't played the new demo yet (and I might not at all, to be honest), but based on the simple synopses of all the characters, she's an easy pick for my main protagonist, for sure. Besides being just so darned cute, I've always had kind of a soft spot for merchant characters in games.

[Please note: the background is just ripped from an in-game screenshot. Y'all know I suck at backgrounds.] XD

Anyone else planning on picking this one up? Do you know who your starting character is going to be yet? Feel free to share! ^_^

Anyway, if you're wondering about Rain (or Moonlight Wanderers, for that matter), I'll have more to share on that soon (and of course, more of Maddie's Guest Rain Delay strips too. I just wanted to do this to let you know I'm still here, I'm still active, and I've still looking to show you some great things to show you in the future. ^_^
User comments:
I don't (yet?) have a Switch, but if I end up getting one I'll definitely have my eye on this game.
Octopath travelr is going to be great so happy for a classic style jrpg in 2018> may your traveles be great Jocelyn
Mario Odyssey
Shovel Knight
Mario and Rabbids
Steamworld Dig i and ii
Hollow Knight (much harder gameplay than the rest)

Yes, I am enjoying my Switch.

Snipperclips is also fun if you like playing with others as a team. If someone is excessively competitive, not so fun.
seikueon (Guest)
I considered a Switch for this, because I'm pretty sold on Square offerings. But the fake retro look on the backgrounds actually really bothered me. It's like my eyes keep trying to focus something it can't. Maybe if I'm lucky, it'll get a version for the 3DS (though it sounds like they're abandoning it).
apk1229 (Guest)
I am SO HYPED for this game. Gotta go with my girl Primrose though, although all the characters look awesome
MeWho (Guest)
Wow !
Mavis the Rain Beau (Guest)
In all honesty, even before I played I had my 4 favorites picked out. H'aanit, Therion, Ophelia, and Cyrus. H'aanit is the best.
She looks so good!