9th May 2018, 11:20 AM in Ch. 35 - Weather the Storm
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Author Notes:
Today we see Brother Arthur dial back to his usual tone for Rudy, as he starts asking questions. He's a very observant fellow, isn't he? It's a mostly straight-forward page, so I'm not sure what to add here. But as always, I hope you like it.

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User comments:
Matt Comics
That webcomic line... We need more of these in webcomics. There are so many books with at least one character who loves reading, or movies with a movie fan, so it can work for webcomics too. And it's pretty funny.

Wasn't there a mention of some in-universe version of Rain named "Snow" or something in an old page?

I hope Rudy learns where Maria is soon. (unless he already secretly knows)
Is Rain one of the webcomics Rudy catches up on? :D
William (Guest)
No, Rudy follows "Snow".
Anastasia (Guest)
And I adore Rudy even more. "Who's asking?" is now one of my favorite lines in this series.
Kyle (Guest)
Rudy, don't tell him shit! I'm not doubting Arthur, but for all we know Quntion could gave room bugged or have a camera hidden somewhere. He could be listening right now with Mr. Strongwell next him.

And on a not so lighter light look, that look Todd gave Rudy as he was leaving screamed nothing but rage. Arthur might threatened him with year-long detention if he did anything to him in school, but he didn't say anything outside school. 😟
DoctrDoc (Guest)
I don't know where she is, but I think I could find her if I needed to, and I know she is safe. (I think Rudy knows she is safe?)
Some Ed
I know she's safe. And I know someone who knows where she is.

I do not know which of the people I know that is.
MaybeMarie (Guest)
Wait, does Rudy know where Maria is? Probably not because Mr. Strongwell could take his phone.
William (Guest)
Mr Strongwell has Rudy's phone. Even if he was not told directly by Emily, he has, or can guess, the information, not shared by Brother Arthur, that the Maria's location was chosen by Emily. Given this, he can probably figure out where she is likely to be.
I never moticed Brother Arthur’s Scar before. I’m going back to check other issues
Shit, I didn't notice until you said! Good eye.
Emily (Guest)
He's had the scar since he first appeared in the comic. I don't think Jocelyn has ever mentioned (in canon or out) where he got it from.
Queen Wolfen
...I can't believe I never noticed that before. O_o
guest (Guest)
It's a saber scar. During saber practice one student drops his guard momentarily. An "accident" is had as the other student gives him a slice on the cheek or about the jawline.
Millll (Guest)
Catching up on your webcomics is a perfectly valid way to deal with devastation when you're emotionally numb to the point of never feeling real emotions anyway.

Rudy seems to have some anxiety about letting people see him suffer anyway, so all it really takes is something big that he's been dealing with without telling anyone on top of that.
Faith (Guest)
I love this comic so far. :)

I just got thrown out of it though by the use of the word "unphased" where it should be "unfazed". Sorry, but mixing them up is my pet peeve when reading.
He's clearly the one asking
It's such a subtle thing, but I love how we don't actually see Arthur's eyes on this page until he asks about Maria's whereabouts. The implied shift in tone is difficult to place, but very effective. You really know your way around some narrative-artistic flair.