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30th Apr 2018, 10:35 AM in Ch. 35 - Weather the Storm
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Author Notes:
Of course, the Maria situation isn't the only thing going on right now. There are other unrelated events going on around the same time. Well, assuming they're unrelated anyway...

If you don't know what Ana's talking about, I recommend rereading this page from not too long ago. That said, do you think she's right or is her transceiver on the fritz?

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User comments:
Ross (Guest)
About two weeks ago I decided to re-read the entire series and I just finished it all again. Great series, can't wait for more Rain.
...My plot sense is...tingling...
In other news, I've recommended this comic to my school's GSA, the GSA of a nearby middle school, and everyone has loved it so far.
DoctrDoc (Guest)
I cannot recall how much, if at all, Rain and Colette have interacted. If Anna is right, AND Colette tells Anna about themselves, AND Anna asks Rain for permission. I think arranging for those two to be further acquainted would be a nice... middle ground? (presuming Anna can keep as much of herself, to herself as she'd like at the same time).
I searched the DeviantArt version of Rain for all pages with the "Colette" tag. Unless there was a page where Jocelyn forgot to tag Colette (and I forgot about that page), Colette and Rain have had no on-panel interaction whatsoever. The only two pages in which they both appear are non-story pages: one listing who everyone's prom dates are and one telling you to vote for prom king/queen.

However, that doesn't mean Rain and Colette don't know each other, especially considering that they are both in the same grade.
william.hughes@rogers.com (Guest)
External: If Jocelyn interrupted both Maria's situation, and Brother Arthur talking to Todd and Rudy for something that fizzles out, there will be no place on earth where she is safe. If she is planning to have this fizzle out I suggest some immediate rewrites are in order!

Internal: Collette seems pretty transparent to me (pun intentional). If Ana's transceiver is on the fritz, so is mine. Could be some drama with Aidyn.

Off topic. What is the student population of St. Hallvard?
Steve the Mew hunter
I almost forgot about this subplot. Also, the first 3 panels are hilarious.
Jessica Bright (Guest)
Idk that conversation seemed pretty...evidencey that they have some curiousity on the subject. It might not be for themselves, but that's plenty to approach them. Like, you could even just say 'hey it seemed like you were interested in transgender issues, I know a bit about it would you like to talk?'
Small question that's been bugging me: so what's the distinction for whether a character gets an italicized voice line?

Because while Rain gets italics (and Ruby for that matter), we see that Vincent/Jessica/Ana don't, so is it just how long they've been using their new voice?
Lizzie (Guest)
I think the distinction is in whether it's conscious and requires effect (Rain, Ruby) or it's become natural. We can presume that Jessica and Ana might have had vocal training, or Ana's intersex status blessed her with a more femme voice, and Vincent's voice would have changed with hormones.

The italics are intended to denote that she's changing her voice when she speaks. As someone who was never fully able change my own voice, while I can produce a good feminine sound and I can maintain it, I still have to concentrate really hard while I speak or it will quickly dip back down. I've heard stories of trans women being able to permanently change it, but that's not something I've been able to do. And the same goes for Rain. So the italics in her speech are meant to depict a constant effort to maintain the sound she wants. I've also used italics for Ruby when around people not in the know.

Jessica, on the other hand, does not speak in italics as she's long since got her voice where she wants it. She's like those trans women who train their voice and keep it . Reaching her original register - if she even can - would be the struggle for her now. Same with Ana for that matter, but I always felt like her voice was probably more in the mid-ground to feminine range anyway. As for Vincent, it's to my understanding that testosterone helps with changing a trans man's voice.

TL;DR - Rain gets italics for her speech to denote that she's actively trying to change her voice to get a sound closer to what she wants. The other trans characters don't have to put that kind of effort into anymore, so they don't use italics. In Rain's case, it's just something to represent us trans gals struggling with our voices (as best I can in a non-verbal medium).
William (Guest)
I had always assumed that Ana underwent only a single puberty as her condition was recognized fairly early. On the other hand this part of her life remains dark (presumably there was a mother at some point).

The relevance to the current discussion is that if Ana had only a female puberty then her voice would never have broken.
SayTaylor (Guest)
It's good to hear I'm not the only one who does that. Whenever I'm serving a customer or have to talk to someone I don't know, I talk in a more passable voice but when I'm with friends or co-workers I relax my vocals a bit more.
It does lead to the odd event where I accidentally confuse the hell out of a new co-worker but it's the easiest way for me to go about it.

Makes sense, thanks for the clarification!
Drake Zephyr
Ana hasn't even been around that much and I already think she could be best girl.
SayTaylor (Guest)
Nah, Pale for life :P
lare290 (Guest)
No, Ruby.
SayTaylor (Guest)
Close second.
Lemonado Girl
The plot doth thicken...
Please let this thread play out! I MUST KNOW!!!
Ema (Guest)
garrr i remember reading rain and anna talking before but i cant remember the convesration at all and its driving me absolutely nuts... does anyone know what page or even chapert it was is pleas?
Space Unicorn (Guest)
If you mean the conversation where they talk about their respective trans issues, it's in chapter 31, starting at about page 806.
Ema (Guest)
yup that one thank you!!
Robin (Guest)
I am really happy about this page. I already read it the second time now. When Colette was acting like this, Ana seemed rather disturbed, unsure. And with all we knew about her, it seemed plausible that she might react defensive and would not reach out for Colette. So it's great for me to see that she gives this some thoughts and asks Rain about it and thinks about outing herself (even if she doesn't have to to support Colette). <3
Fox (Guest)
Ana's starring to move away from letting her fear rule her, good for her.
guest (Guest)

Nice that with this chapter you've been labeling the comics with the in-story date. But I don't see that so much with prior chapters. Making it difficult to place events in the story timeline. The only thing I see in trying to figure how long Rain has been on HRT is that her hair isn't much longer. And then I have to guess her rate of hair growth. Leaving me to think I don't guess well. How long has it been?

Typically, in a chapter where I'm not bouncing back and forth through time, I just set the date on the first page of the chapter. Most chapters take place in one day, so I don't usually need to do it more than once. The exceptions might be any chapter that lasts more than one day in-comic (like Chapter 29, for example, which timeskips about two weeks about halfway through).

As for how long Rain has been on hormones: we're looking at just over a week right now. Bearing in mind that this page takes place on March 19th, and Chapter 30 (when she starts hormones) begins on March 11th, it's been eight days. So if it feels like not much has changed since she started, it's because not much HAS changed yet.

I hope that helps. ^_^
Share (Guest)
Hello, I'm sorry, but I noticed an inconsistency. Back when Blair first contacted Emily, she said that if it was the last time they saw each other, she would have been 11 months pregnant. Assuming prom is in may every year, we know that 11 months after may is April. that seems to confirm that it was April. However, this panel says that it is March.
That's actually a pretty good question. I don't know what I'd do