27th Apr 2018, 12:43 PM in Ch. 35 - Weather the Storm
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Author Notes:
Originally, this was meant to double page with the last one, but considering there's a lot of information on both, splitting them felt okay (although today's is mostly just for fun).

There's also a bit of a nod to the bonus chapter of Volume 2 here, since I don't recall if Maria's past with Drama Club has ever been brought up on the main pages. It's not super important though, and you can get the gist of it here. It just felt right to bring up after the last page.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Emily (Guest)
I'm sorry, I just have to mention that I've got the first comment today :)

I love the girls' expressions in this comic! They're adorable.
I'm so glad Maria let's us know she also thought Emily was serious about going into labor, Emily fooled us all
Uh, guys? Run now - argue later :)
Cassie (Guest)
^ this.
Callisto (Guest)
Pit Orchestra kids support them from sidestage! \o\
Emmi (Guest)
Outta curiousity, how do you make your comics greyscale? Do you colour them first and then filter them or do you just work straight from a greyscale pallet?
Queen Wolfen
....Then she goes into actual labor and no one believes her.
Gigglebox (Guest)
"The Girl Who Cried 'Contractions'"
Emily got pregnant in late October. We are now in mid-March. If Emily were to go in to labor now, it would be pretty darn unhealthy for the baby.

We are in Mid-March, not April as I mistakenly wrote in an earlier version of this post.
Wait we are? It's kind of Effed up for the school to expel someone less than a month before they're set to graduate.
SleepMachine (Guest)
Actually if you go to page 1047, you can see that it is actually mid-March. Which to be fair, is still pretty messed up to be expelling people and too early for a healthy baby.
Some Ed
Just because it's too early for it to be healthy for the baby doesn't mean it wouldn't happen.

Proof: we're all saying it wouldn't be healthy for the baby, not that it couldn't happen. This sort of thing does happen, which is how we know it's not healthy for the baby.

Granted, it mostly happens to girls who are significantly younger than Emily, women who are on drugs, or otherwise not biologically sound to be mothers. We don't have any indication that Emily is in the latter two groups. But the school doesn't know that she's not. Maria doesn't know that Emily is not in the latter group. And we only know due to word of Goddess.
Drake Zephyr
What they really should have done was... *inhales* DAB ON EM!
SayTaylor (Guest)
Emily probably should have gave her a warning first