Comic 1049 - Shut Up!

23rd Apr 2018, 1:04 PM in Ch. 35 - Weather the Storm
Shut Up!
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Author Notes:

Jocelyn 23rd Apr 2018, 1:04 PM edit delete

Well, um... that got tense. And then...

What now?

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James 23rd Apr 2018, 1:10 PM edit delete reply
Darn. I was kind of hoping he'd snap and say what happened to him. Or at least some of it.
Aria 23rd Apr 2018, 1:18 PM edit delete reply
Didn’t do anything. Right.

Death threats are “nothing”. Like when my abuser in high school said I threatened to kill my class and I was nearly arrested at 16... nothing. Right.

Todd currently has no sympathy from me. I do not abide bullies.
Kyle Westlake 23rd Apr 2018, 1:21 PM edit delete reply
My guess is that Arthur will threaten to exspell Todd if he hurts Rudy or anyone else and let him go, then tell Rudy he knows where Maria is.
FishEye18 23rd Apr 2018, 1:27 PM edit delete reply
Drake Zephyr 23rd Apr 2018, 1:39 PM edit delete reply
Drake Zephyr
Spell Error, 2nd word bubble "But don't surprised and offended" There should be a "Be" before "surprised". Just thought I'd point that out.
Anon 23rd Apr 2018, 2:35 PM edit delete reply
Seems the word "act" was chosen instead.
Drake Zephyr 24th Apr 2018, 10:59 AM edit delete reply
Drake Zephyr
No, that wasn't there when I posted this comment. It was an edit.
Drake Zephyr 23rd Apr 2018, 1:42 PM edit delete reply
Drake Zephyr
I just hope Todd will begin to open up. I think he just really needs more people that can help him, because nobody is that big of a jerk for no reason. Nobody is naturally born evil. He needs some friends. It would actually be so cool to see Rudy and Todd become friends.
El Mo 23rd Apr 2018, 4:39 PM edit delete reply
Wouldn't it be great for father Quenton to open up and be friends with them?
You're right, nobody's born evil, but at some point (like after years of intense bullying), you have crossed a line that simply cannot be un-crossed.
Of course he might turn out to be an ok guy, but nothing will undo what he's done, and somehow, I don't expect anyone to forgive him.

He might become a good friend, but definitely not to themain cast, let alone Rudy.
Callisto 23rd Apr 2018, 7:54 PM edit delete reply
Hm. I think he can walk back across that line, and that Jocelyn has previously redeemed characters who appeared hostile (though perhaps not to this degree) but it is also important to remember that it is never the responsibility of the bullied to redeem the bully. That is literally why justice systems exist.

It just happens that Rain is a more optimistic world overall, inasmuch as it is not without it's conflict, so maybe there is a path for Todd. I am very frustrated by him but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see a situation where he is redeemed, certainly.
El Mo 25th Apr 2018, 4:01 PM edit delete reply
I never said that he's irredeemable. Just that it's (very) highly unlikely that he's going to become friends with any of the main cast.
Anon 23rd Apr 2018, 2:34 PM edit delete reply
Ooooooh, clever clogs Jocelyn. I did not expect that (well Todd going all "Hulk Smash" I expected)
Riley_Red 23rd Apr 2018, 2:49 PM edit delete reply
This is how I see this meeting going:
Todd: "But I didn't hit him."
Brother Arthur: "Maria didn't hit you."
T: "But she threatened to!"
BA: "You threatened to kill Rudy."
Hardric62 23rd Apr 2018, 3:33 PM edit delete reply
This <i>really</i> needs to happen. Expel might unfortunately not be a thing, Arthur has got standards far higher than Quenton, but still...
maxine 29th Apr 2018, 2:24 AM edit delete reply
i did not hit him, its not true i did not hit him, i did NAWT. oh hi arthur.
Ladyoftheroundtable 23rd Apr 2018, 3:55 PM edit delete reply
was his scar ever explained?
Emily 23rd Apr 2018, 6:14 PM edit delete reply
Yesssss, PERFECT. Brother Arthur, please fix things now . . . please, I know you want to. C'mon. You can do it, too.
Ana 23rd Apr 2018, 7:04 PM edit delete reply
Rudy is handling this so well, I really hope that I can learn to react that way. C'mon though Arthur, now's your chance!
Queen Wolfen 23rd Apr 2018, 11:02 PM edit delete reply
Queen Wolfen
So am I the only one hearing Arthur speaking with Professor Ozpin's voice?
AllieTheAce 25th Apr 2018, 6:37 AM edit delete reply
Oh my God yesssss!
Fox 24th Apr 2018, 10:36 PM edit delete reply
Todd is an awful person and with work he could change it he chooses to. That's the key thing though, he has to make the choice to change. Rudy is handling things well. Brother Arthur is as awesome as ever.
Waffle 19th Sep 2022, 4:14 PM edit delete reply
"I didn't do anything!" And apparently that's enough. Also, I think a literal death threat directly in front of a staff member is not quite "not anything".
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