Coping Mechanisms
20th Apr 2018, 9:48 AM in Ch. 35 - Weather the Storm
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Coping Mechanisms
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Author Notes:
I'm very sorry for the weekend cliffhanger. If it's any consolation, I think this page offers much to discuss in the meantime. I mean, Rudy says a lot here. So I wanna hear what you're taking away from this.

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User comments:
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt. 7:12)

Seems fitting.
I find it funny that there's more people I know who aren't Christian who uphold that value than any of the self labeled "devout" Christians I know.
I find most of my friends (not all) tend to have better values than most Christians
Most of my friends being LGBTQ
I don't like this rule. Other people aren't you. What they want can be very different from what you want.

For example someone blindly following this rule might think "I want them to fuck me, therefore I should fuck them".
MSK (Guest)
When you put it that way it sounds dumb, but "I want them to show sexual interest in me, therefore I should show sexual interest in them" is reasonably sound advice.
Drake Zephyr
Aren't those examples kind of like R-rated? Just saying it's a bit much. Also I'm a devout christian, and as far as I know, I'm a pretty cool dude.
Zii (Guest)
Mm, Drake... you might want to keep an open mind about that. One tends not to be the best judge of character for oneself. You can't know what you're unaware of, can't point things out to yourself.

And from what I've seen, you may be rougher around the edges than you think. Take care, and with diligence and practice, you can become more tactful and gracious. Good luck!
Drake Zephyr
Oh, I don't deny I've been an ass to people. But I have been trying to be a better friend to people. But I also still have a bit of a temper ya know. But my religion doesn't make my character. I know the LGBT community has low opinions on Christians. But a lot of us see straight people and gay or trans people the same way, as people. Our cousins, brothers, and sisters. But to you, in what ways may I ask do you see a problem with me? Also my name is only Drake here. That name holds with it a lot of memories, Drake Zephyr.
...I will find a way to cross the dimensional barrier between this world and fiction so I can hug Rudy.

.......And maybe date him. Maybe. Its not like he's yet another gay character I have a crush on...Baka.
William (Guest)
"All my friends are traumatized in some way too".

Does Rudy see Gavin as traumatized by his parent's break up? How about Ana. How does Rudy see her as traumatized (note he does not know about her history) or does he not consider her a friend?
Mill (Guest)
He recognizes that even if he doesn't know the story there still is one
Lemonado Girl
DramaDork (Guest)
Rudy my sweet child, let me hug you for all eternity.
Space Unicorn (Guest)
Dang, Rudy put into words what I've been trying to say for a long while.
(Not precisely; different situation and all. But I've encountered and broke contact with so many formerly decent people who don't understand that bad situations don't excuse abusive behavior, or won't admit that their behavior is abusive.)

This comic has given me lots of good words and thoughts to chew on. Thank you, Jocelyn.
SilentNight (Guest)
While I was hoping for some conclusion instead of a cliffhanger, I'm just so happy to have Rain regularly again. Jocelyn, you do such amazing work, creating such loveable, wonderful characters who inhabit a plot that just draws you in and fits comfortably like a blanket.

As far as this particular page, mad props to Rudy, coping mechanisms are hugely important tools for life, but not all are created equal, and if yours bear any resemblance to Todd's, that's on you. Well put Jocelyn, love it.
Turtle eye (Guest)
Wait, Rudy had a girlfriend and is sad she moved on??
Kai (Guest)
Rudy dated Rain for a little while, up until the end of Chapter 16 I think.
Queen Wolfen
You know, it would blow my mind if Rudy actually got through to Todd and the two of them wound up as a couple.

I'm not holding my breath though.
Zimerick (Guest)
I swear to god if Todd winds up kissing Rudy in the next few pages!
Just no.

That's stepping into the iron closet gay trope and its been overused. I would never date an ex-bully, my boyfriend wouldn't, and I doubt anyone else in their right mind would. Just too much bad memories for it to happen.
Go off Rudy!

Also, I didn't know he had depression. Poor guy, hope he's okay.
Drake Zephyr
I kind of thought that was implied given the circumstances.
Rust Phoenix (Guest)
I know more people *with* depression than *without* it, so it doesn't surprise me much. Especially given his situation.
Erica-Jane (Guest)
This will probably disappear like my other comments, but oh well. What I really really want to see happen here is for Brother Arthur to come around the corner stop this thing and then take Todd to Father Quenton and ask about Expulsion. When Father Quenton denies Todd's Expulsion, I so so so want to see Brother Arthur tell him that he's going to speak to the ArchDiocese about the entire matter. While the Catholic Church may not approve of Homosexuality and other things, it also does not approve of bullying and bigotry. Especially these days. If he were to make this a public issue for the Church, btw which is something Maria should be doing, they will come down hard on Father Quenton because of the PR nightmare the headline "Homophobic Priest Supports Bullies and Persecutes Gay Students In His School!" will generate. Might be a private slap on the wrist, but publicly? Nope.

Sorry for wall of text.
Omg I wanna hug you so much right now Rudy!!
Perrolas (Guest)
i think this scene could have been handled in a more subtle way but you go girlll!!!!1
Has Gavin been traumatized?