Comic 1026 - Tuxes and Dresses

23rd Feb 2018, 9:46 AM in Ch. 34 - Promise
Tuxes and Dresses
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Author Notes:

Jocelyn 23rd Feb 2018, 9:46 AM edit delete
It's been a while, so in case you forgot who these two are, have a link. Oh, I think this link might be important too given the second part of the page.

And for the record, the thing about the tux and dress matching doesn't necessarily mean that if she picks a hot pink dress, he will have to wear a hot pink tux (I mean, unless he wants to, I guess). Back at my prom - in my pre-transition and even pre-coming out days - I wore a pretty standard black tux, but it came with a maroon-colored vest (I feel like something else on it was maroon too, but I don't remember). My date's dress happened to have a lot of maroon and black on it too. So we kinda matched and it looked great (even if it was basically accidental). I don't think teens on their prom night should be expected to match or anything, but that doesn't mean some won't try (and hey, matching always looks nice).

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Smiley260 23rd Feb 2018, 9:56 AM edit delete reply
The tie is usually the most variable part of a tux so that's normally what gets matched with a dress xp
Guest 23rd Feb 2018, 10:16 AM edit delete reply
y’all i want more about the girl that just rejected him she looks cute !!!
SayTaylor 23rd Feb 2018, 10:47 AM edit delete reply
I feel really bad for her... She was probably having such a good day and finally made it into "Rain; the Comic series" only to have Todd insult her and make her feel bad :'(
SayTaylor 23rd Feb 2018, 10:51 AM edit delete reply
But yea, I would totally read a spinoff story about her
Someone on the Internet 26th Feb 2018, 8:38 AM edit delete reply
I'm, like, totally in love with her personality. That is one well thought out character
Wisdom Pen 23rd Feb 2018, 10:28 AM edit delete reply
Gavin should wear a dress!
zophah 23rd Feb 2018, 12:05 PM edit delete reply
I didn't even get a chance to see my date's dress before we actually got ready for prom, but if there was one thing to match it was the corsage I gave to my date to match the breast pocket flower in my tux.
William 23rd Feb 2018, 12:20 PM edit delete reply
Put Tod on Thorazine.
Guest 23rd Feb 2018, 3:22 PM edit delete reply
Something about that girl seems weird to me . . . She's looking at him sadly instead of angrily as he walks away from her, and looks even sadder in the following panel.

I would almost be inclined to guess that she wants him to ask her and she's going to end up being, like, the only girl he hasn't asked to the prom.
SayTaylor 24th Feb 2018, 11:28 AM edit delete reply
I'm sure Pale (that's what I'm calling her now) is just really sensitive like that and isn't quick to anger.
That or she realised she was the last person Todd asked :( I hope not.
SayTaylor 24th Feb 2018, 11:46 AM edit delete reply
Two frames and she's in my top three favourite characters :P
Drake Zephyr 24th Feb 2018, 8:52 PM edit delete reply
Drake Zephyr
Maybe that's like his sister? And that's why she looks so sad?
SayTaylor 25th Feb 2018, 5:04 AM edit delete reply
I don't know which is sadder... Asking your sister out to the prom or being rejected by your sister to the prom...
Some Ed 26th Feb 2018, 8:50 AM edit delete reply
"I didn't *mean* to upset anyone. And I *want* to go to the prom. I just want to go with someone who can actually *go*, since, as a freshman, I can't unless a *senior* asks me."
Drake Zephyr 26th Feb 2018, 12:12 PM edit delete reply
Drake Zephyr
No Taylor, I meant his sister would be sad to see her brother like that, really angry. She would be sad for him.
SayTaylor 26th Feb 2018, 9:27 PM edit delete reply
Oooh,, sorry now I get it.
Doombird 25th Feb 2018, 1:24 AM edit delete reply
Damn straight it looked great!!
Phrll 26th Feb 2018, 9:54 AM edit delete reply
I think Pale (to use SayTalor's name for her) was just a bystander when Todd went storming down the hall and she feels bad for him not having a date. But not bad enough to BE his date....
guesty mcguestface 27th Feb 2018, 3:29 AM edit delete reply
I love Colette's sense of humour
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