9th Feb 2018, 10:17 AM in Ch. 34 - Promise
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Author Notes:
Originally, this and the next few scenes were planned to take place at the school's lunch period, with reasons arbitrarily forced in to get certain characters talking to each other. Then I remembered I have a perfectly good gym setup I never use. So we'll be seeing this setting for a little while. Hope you don't mind the little change of pace.

Admittedly not much to say here yet, but we can expect a bit more Drew next week too. And for those of who don't remember, Drew and Ky did indeed have a bit of a falling out in the last chapter. If you want to reread that scene and refresh your memory, I recommend starting here and going forward the next four or five pages.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Elliot (Guest)
Drew is a favorite of mine, but so is Ky. I’m not sure he’s what they need in a relationship.
Jessica Bright (Guest)
Geeze Drew google it already.
Mill (Guest)
So this is only kind-of related, but after finding so many references to future events in my second read-through of what you've got so far, and then reaching page 357 (bringing in the new year) I'm so shipping Gavin and Ky (Kylvin? Gaylie? :3 ) The "attracted specifically to people who are not standard binary" sexual orientation is severely underrepresented after all and Gavin needs a chance at love with the person that's basically made for him.

Queen Wolfen
Meanwhile I'm quietly shipping Gavin and Ruby. :P
Elliot (Guest)
At the mall with Gavin and Rudy, Ky seemed to suggest that they might be polyamorus. With that in mind, I ship Gavin, Rudy, and Ky in any of the various possible poly structures.
Perhaps Drew needs to see a therapist at that Identities place as he is clearly struggling to understand how Kylie is.
Drake Zephyr (Guest)
I feel like people were pretty hard on drew at first. But Ky and Drew are like my OTP of this comic.
Drake Zephyr (Guest)
I think Drew is just confused. This a knew battleground for him and it's easy for him to make mistakes. I kind of feel like Drew and Ky are perfect for each other in a way other than what everyone initially saw.
Admittedly it can be confusing to understand