31st Jan 2018, 3:33 PM in Ch. 34 - Promise
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Author Notes:
It's a text from Blair Carver - aka the guy Emily dated before Chase. Outside of testimonies we've heard from Emily herself and a small role in the bonus chapter of Volume 4, he's not really had much presence in the story. Mostly just namedrops and flashbacks. So to refresh you (as I know it's been a while), the really important bits are that he was the first person Emily ever came out to and he dumped her on prom night last year. There's more to read about him, but those are the major cliff notes.

With what little we know about him though, what are your expectations? What could this "something kinda wild" he heard possibly be?

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
William Hughes (Guest)
The "something kinda wild" is a rumour that one of the students at St. Hallvard" is pregnant. Blair will want to give Emily support.
Pip (Guest)
I love Rain’s response here.. when my partner and I first got together, he had his ex (who was quite manipulative and controlling) constantly calling him for a week. I wondered why he wasn’t answering but kept it to myself. After a while she called again and he asked “is it okay if I answer this to stop her from calling?” I was really taken aback! Like, OF COURSE you can, it’s absolutely nothing to do with me! You do what you have to! He in turn was really surprised by my response and it took a while for him to get used to the fact that I wasn’t planning on controlling him the way previous partners had...

I didn’t realise until then how important it is to make clear your respect and trust for your partners!
Totally off the wall, wild speculation here.....

....Blair just learned that they are actually a tetragametic chimera (fraternal twin brother and sister zygotes merged together into one fetus in the womb) with some body organ tissues XX female and some XY male, and they have decided to transition their body from their original male gender presentation to female gender presentation instead. And yes, not only is it perfectly socially acceptable for a chimera to refer to themselves using the plural pronouns, it is also, IMHO, technically accurate too!

Towards the end of February I'm supposed to see a new doctor and probably get karyotype testing done to see if I'm a chimera myself and an ultrasound scan of my lower abdomen done to see if there are any extra parts inside. .Several unusual things about my body have now been discovered that might be linked to having 46XX/46XY DNA... born with duplicated urethra, Effmann Type IIA2 Y-branched, and meatus for the accessory urethra located in unfused folds of the dorsal perineum, but also with what looked like normal boy parts up front too. Xrays taken after a motorcycle wreck 22 years ago showed that my pelvis is shaped female, not male... with large oval center opening and wide, rounded pubic arch, I've been naturally effeminate my whole life, though I learned to act artificially masculine as a defense tactic as a teenager, because that's what the world around me expected, and finally just a few weeks ago, after upgrading my HRT to injected estradiol from pills, I experienced 3 episodes of a small amount of blood in my urine... spaced from 28 to 32 days apart. Was examined by a nurse practitioner who did an abdominal palpation exam looking for inguinal lumps... possible testicular cancer because sometimes HRT triggers that.... and the nurse found a small lump on the left side, then moved to the right side and found an identical lump the same size, same exact position but mirror image positioned and got a very puzzled and curious look on her face, said "I've seen something like this before" then moved her hand back to the left side and got a devilish grin on her face and abruptly jabbed her finger into the left lump. I leaped up off the exam table like a rocketship with pain that felt the same as getting kicked in the balls. She told me I need to get an abdominal ultrasound scan performed bcause she thinks I have internal ovaries in addition to external male parts and just the overall structure and shape of my body is suggestive of genetic hermaphroditism , aka 46XX/46XY
Neelix (Guest)
Interesting theory but in that case I doubt they'd introduce the subject as having "heard something kinda wild".

I rather suspect he's either heard rumours of her pregnancy, or perhaps that she was seen with a girl at a comic convention.
DSPhony (Guest)
I just got caught up today, and while I'm not too sure what Blair wants, I just want to express my earnest thanks for creating this comic. In addition to being cute and funny and only sometimes heartwrenching, it's been a big help to me, since I started seriously questioning my assigned gender a few weeks ago. Seeing all these different characters presented honestly has been helpful in breaking down the barriers that traditional media built up around my mind.
lexa (Guest)
i'd been hearing about this comic a bit lately, so i got curious and looked it up.

and THREE WHOLE DAYS of binge-reading later, i wanted to leave a comment to say how freaking good this comic is!
Ross (Guest)
I heard about this comic and then read it all in less than a week, very good read, but I need more.
Ugh (Guest)
I just binged this whole thing during this week. I thought it would be over. I can't imagine having to read a page every couple of days, but I need to know what happens >_<
Waffle (Guest)
The pregnancy is probably the most likely thing to get back to him, but I don't know (not knowing him directly at all) if he'd refer to that as "something kinda wild" with a winky emoticon. It could be something not related to Emily, but where's the drama in that?

...You know what, put me down for five quatloos on "something's different about prom this year" and one and a half on "rumor has it you've got a(nother) girlfriend", for the "how did rumor get that?" panic.
This is going to be interesting