22nd Jan 2018, 9:42 AM in Ch. 34 - Promise
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Author Notes:
I'm not really sure what to add here, so I guess I'll just leave all the commentary to you today, folks. ^_^

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User comments:
Rach (Guest)
I have to say, as a fellow passing transwoman, I often find myself worried about "not acting female enough", namely that I was socialized male as a little kid, and I worry that I just didn't catch a mannerism I really should have.

Gender is weird.
purplespacecats (Guest)
I honestly really doubt that'll be a problem. I'm a cis girl, and the only time I've ever been thrown by a woman acting weird for her gender, it turned out to be because "she" wasn't a woman after all; he was a trans man who hadn't come out yet! So even though he was raised as a girl, he just acted like a guy in ways that threw me off so much before he came out. (When he did come out and transition I was like, oh my /god/ that explains so much!)

So even though nobody knew you were a girl when you were growing up, I don't think that makes much of a difference in terms of mannerisms and such. On the contrary, it seems to me like one's actual gender plays a waaaaaaaaaay bigger role in all that than gender assigned at birth.
MeWho (Guest)
People in general have a wide range of 'normal' ways of expressing themselves. So while I think many trans people do worry about our lack of 'proper socializing' as a child, it doesn't appear to be as much of a problem as people fear. I think it still does have SOME effect, but one of my female friends in high school knew far less about her body than I did. So for some cis girls, their upbringing obviously didn't 'totally prepare' them for being women , either. I suspect my level of knowledge had a lot to do with my own concerns, of course, and my naturally studious nature. I am always trying to learn stuff.

On a related note; the longer you work at fitting in as a male, especially in certain rigidly organized environments, can create some ingrained mannerisms and methods of interacting with people that makes 'fitting in' as a women very hard. I've always suspected that one of the reasons my friend Susan was lost was because of how hard it was for her to NOT fall into certain ways of dealing with situations, and dropping into a deeper 'command mode' voice when she felt threatened. I think she expected hormones and surgery to magically make those things go away. Interacting with the 'Rain Beaus', even if mostly passively, has certainly continued to increase my own enlightenment about how each person's experience and coping methods are different. And how limited the information and assumptions were when I was a young adult working things out.
Omfg Ana is so precious!!!
mecaterpillar (Guest)
"than some cis het girls would probably be". Rudy didn't say "than some *other* cis het girls..." I wonder if Ana is going to be thinking about that.
A_Rando (Guest)
Oh no. Ana is so deep in stealth that she might start getting weird about bathrooms as cover.

She's repressed enough to make some poor decisions.
Waffle (Guest)
Poker face, Ana. You want to not get identified, you should find a way to not react to these kinds of comments. Between the way you seized up at the lunch table when Rain came out and this, I'd be surprised if Rudy doesn't have some kind of suspicion (if not necessarily in a right direction).
I don't think she's acting weird for someone who is clearly a trans ally