Comic 1001 - Unloading

11th Dec 2017, 3:07 PM in Ch. 33 - The Calm
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Jocelyn 11th Dec 2017, 3:07 PM edit delete
I have mixed feelings about this one. Like I know what I tried to do with it, but I'm not totally sure I've achieved it. On the one hand, I do think it's important to offer some positivity after what may have been one of the heaviest scenes in the story to date. It's a lot to take in, after all. Especially following the usual tone of everything.

But I don't want it to seem like I'm oversimplifying the issue either. I don't want it to seem like having Emily say "well, we'll be better than our parents" just resolves everything and all their trauma is over. That's just not the case. For them or for anyone.

The truth is, I'm not sure what these girls need. I'm not even totally convinced there IS an answer. Regrettably, there isn't always closure in life. Sometimes past scars don't fade.

But that's also why I wanted to wrap up this scene with Rain and Emily simply being there for each other. Talking through these things with each other. Letting each other know it's okay to vent, and that there'll be no judgment. Offering some much needed positivity. Because while we may never fully recover from the events of our past, it's important to remember we're not alone. Someone out there can relate to your struggle and wants to see you happy. Whether it's someone immediately present like a sibling, friend, or partner, or just one of the folks you chat with online everyday.

And if you haven't heard this recently, let me just add: You are not alone. You are not a burden. And you are loved. I mean that to everyone reading this (and myself too).

Take care, everyone. Once again, no hiatus on Wednesday (but maybe a Rain Delay).

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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Ellie Wade 11th Dec 2017, 3:30 PM edit delete reply
I never thought I'd get so emotionally invested in a comic series, but here I am crying at the last few comics you've posted.
Kelly Lynn 11th Dec 2017, 3:37 PM edit delete reply
I read the entire Rain comic in like 3 days, and now I need to wait for new ones to come out, pretty happy that its still going C:

I can relate so much as another transgirl transitioning in my 3rd-Last year in highschool
RubyRuthNeal 11th Dec 2017, 5:04 PM edit delete reply
This webcomic has become an integral part of my life. It was the catalyst which convinced me to quit doubting, and begin my own transition.... at age 54. I binge-read all available pages in one weekend back in August 2016 and it helped overcome my final mental block to start my HRT. I even chose my new first name as Ruby because my birth middle name is Rudy! (Ruth is my new middle name). And thanks to estrodiol, I can cry at the drop of a hat... just like Rain here. In fact, just reading this page made me cry a little!
RubyRuthNeal 11th Dec 2017, 5:10 PM edit delete reply
And if that doesn't give enough proof that I'm a die-hard fan..... I also wear black velvet chokers all the time and bought a pair of purple stud earrings too just like Rain's as my everyday earrings to wear! LoL!
DanielleA 12th Dec 2017, 3:04 AM edit delete reply
I feel that you wrote the page well. I would have had them hug it out at the end but that's nothing really.
Guest 30th Apr 2019, 12:36 PM edit delete reply
wtf I love crying now
Absentia 17th Apr 2021, 3:25 AM edit delete reply
Hold on... Emily paused before referring to her baby. She hasn't done that before when talking about it to other people...

Was... was Emily about to say "our child" to Rain, but switched?
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