Comic 900 - Not Going

4th Jan 2017, 1:50 AM in Ch. 30: Little Victories
Not Going
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Author Notes:

Jocelyn 4th Jan 2017, 1:50 AM edit delete
"Wait! Where's Ana? Gavin invited her to sit with them at lunch, right?" This page is immediately after the previous one, so she might still be out in the hall talking to Colette. Don't worry. I didn't forget her. She'll catch up.

With that out of the way, Maria does seem awfully lax about possibly forgoing something she was looking forward to. What IS she plotting? XD

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BlackSocks 4th Jan 2017, 2:23 AM edit delete reply
Maybe I'm just a paranoid weirdo with very little experience in meatspace social interactions, but I think that Maria is planning to get 'revenge' on the school by doing something to 'crash' the prom.
...I am now visualizing a masked Maria, wearing the LGBT flag as a cape, who bursts in dramatically and delivers a speech about how homophobic the school is.
Jocelyn 4th Jan 2017, 2:44 AM edit delete reply

But only after throwing a rose as if it's some kind of projectile weapon into the middle of the dance floor. XD
Reimi 4th Jan 2017, 3:06 AM edit delete reply
If anything, this should be a dream sequence at some point. :P
Samantha 4th Jan 2017, 7:52 PM edit delete reply
BlackSocks 5th Jan 2017, 12:17 AM edit delete reply
"Now, Sailor Chanel!"

(With Father Quenton as the villain and Rain as Mini Moon)
Niesamowite 4th Jan 2017, 2:59 AM edit delete reply
Is she gonna do the thing they for Kate in the Art of Being Normal?
Reimi 4th Jan 2017, 3:05 AM edit delete reply
Maria does look devious in that last panel... I smell a plot!
Olivia Ann 4th Jan 2017, 6:08 AM edit delete reply
Perhaps she needs a mask. Just like Tuxedo Mask. White mask. Caps. Hat. A Rose. It's perfect!

I wonder how (Ky)lie is doing?
AmberNovaMeow 4th Jan 2017, 1:49 PM edit delete reply
Yay made an account so I can message here with my fiancee Eliza
BlackSocks 5th Jan 2017, 12:13 AM edit delete reply
Welcome, AmberNovaMeow. Come play with us. Forever and ever and ever....
I jest, I jest. Most people here aren't that crazy.(Basically just me.)
Lex-Kat 4th Jan 2017, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
"What are you plotting?" Channel... so suspicious. =^.^=
bgb16999 4th Jan 2017, 8:08 PM edit delete reply
When I was first linked to this comic less than two weeks ago, I didn't really expect it to speak so strongly to me (being cis myself and not much of an anime or manga fan), but it did for some reason. It was probably because your characters are both compelling, and have experiences with just enough in common with me for me to get a sense of how they feel. (And some things were obviously different--when I came out to my parents, the family member who was most supportive of me was my sister. So not at all like Kellen). Plus, the fact that you have an openly(ish) ace character makes you more awesome than 99% of writers.

Anyhow, since I finished reading all of Rain that is online five times, I'm interested in reading the bonus chapters from the compilation books, while also supporting your comic financially.

There's one issue I have though: I don't really have room for more physical books. Is there a way I could purchase digital versions of the compilation books, with the bonus content in them? If there isn't already, have you considered selling Volumes 1-3 (and 4 when it's ready) as PDFs (e.g., through Gumroad or some other site)?
Keeping with the in-comic style, you could call the digital versions the "Funtendo Simulated Console" edition:) Or not, if it would be too unclear to other fans.

Either way, thank you for your wonderful comic, I look forwards to reading more of your work in the future.
Trouble_Thundia 4th Jan 2017, 11:50 PM edit delete reply
RIP me. I'm dying of suspense.
Trouble_Thundia 4th Jan 2017, 11:54 PM edit delete reply
If Rudy's taking no one to the prom, then maybe Chanel could pretend to go with him. That's the best guess I have, but maybe Maria is planning something way more crazy because of that face...
Guest 5th Jan 2017, 12:45 AM edit delete reply
Only seniors and their dates can go to prom. Rudy's a sophomore, so he won't be going unless he's invited by someone.
BlackSocks 5th Jan 2017, 12:09 AM edit delete reply
Wait a second....
Maria, panel 1: "I've asked a few other guys I thought might be okay for help...."
Does that mean that Maria outed Chanel to a bunch of people. some of whom are "wildly homophobic"?
Guest 5th Jan 2017, 12:47 AM edit delete reply
Maria and Chanel were already out, weren't they? As far as I remember, they came out as a couple around chapter 18 or so but were forced to hide it in chapter 21, but I'm pretty sure almost everyone knew. They weren't exactly subtle XD
Jocelyn 5th Jan 2017, 1:49 AM edit delete reply

No. They've been out actually. At Chanel's request, in fact. Although as Guest said, they're technically not broadcasting their relationship at school anymore (since Brother Arthur took notice). But they weren't subtle about it before then.

Some might argue they're still not as subtle as they probably should be though. XD

And yes, it's possible that there are lots of students who still don't know (speaking as that kid who was last to know everything back when I was in high school). But one could probably safely assume that anyone Maria confronted probably knew her well enough to know who she was with. She just unfortunately misjudged her accepting said classmates might be about it.
Lex-Kat 5th Jan 2017, 3:15 PM edit delete reply
Oh? I thought that was plenty subtle. They looked both ways before crossing lips. :D Safety first. ;)
BlackSocks 5th Jan 2017, 2:39 AM edit delete reply
Ah. I had forgotten about that. *bangs head against wall*
Thank you two for the clarification.
Rin 5th Jan 2017, 3:02 AM edit delete reply
I had this comic recommended to me by a friend of mine, and since last Friday, I couldn't stop watching it. I'm a little sad that I can't binge on it anymore, but that's how production works haha. I really identify with the character Rain, and I guess I just wanted to say thanks for making this comic!
bgb16999 5th Jan 2017, 5:55 AM edit delete reply
If Ky is in boy mode on prom night, they could get all of the main cast in by having Drew take Chanel, Maria take Ky, and Rain or Emily take Rudy. If Ky is in girl mode, though, they'll have a problem due to a dearth of senior boys.
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