Comic 1085 - Guest Rain Delay: TTSEAT p.6

4th Aug 2018, 12:31 AM in Summer 2018 Hiatus
Guest Rain Delay: TTSEAT p.6
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Jocelyn 4th Aug 2018, 12:31 AM edit delete
Guest Rain Delay brought to you by the very talented Maddie AKA GenericBunnyGirl, who's responsible for the webcomic, Least Likely Magical Girl. She's offered to do a short series of strips for me to share with you during my hiatus, and as a fan of her work myself, I'm very excited to see where it goes. I hope you'll all enjoy it too! ^_^

Thank you for patience with this week's Guest Rain Delay. Normally this would be up a bit earlier, but between busy-ness and Maddie wanting to fix some things, and just needed a little more time before it was ready. Either way, please enjoy~!

And you should all check out Maddie's comic while you're at it too:
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Reimi 4th Aug 2018, 2:26 AM edit delete reply
Gotta love when one perfectly timed roll can derail the GM's entire plan. XD
BTV 4th Aug 2018, 3:15 AM edit delete reply
At least they didn't scale the tower from the outside any bypass your dungeons... yet.
Jessica 4th Aug 2018, 5:23 AM edit delete reply
Spindown dice?! Criminal.
Amber 4th Aug 2018, 4:16 PM edit delete reply
Nothing wrong with spindown dice. The odds are the same no matter the position. Hell, I remember seeing a d20 that had 20 next to 1, 19 next to 2, so on and so forth
Laura290 5th Aug 2018, 11:59 AM edit delete reply
A spindown die should, in theory, have as good chances as a normal one (which have n opposite to 1, n-1 opposite to 2 etc.), but in real life it is slightly biased.
Guessed 5th Aug 2018, 11:11 PM edit delete reply
seems to me that having wings on your dice would be more criminal
Monarch Bee 4th Aug 2018, 3:54 PM edit delete reply
From the makers of GAME, try the latest form of entertainment: BOOK
Queen Wolfen 4th Aug 2018, 4:10 PM edit delete reply
Queen Wolfen
...I love her so much.
Emily 5th Aug 2018, 5:58 PM edit delete reply
I love the little wings and halo for the Nat20! :)
Araiel 5th Aug 2018, 10:38 PM edit delete reply
I take back my comment on the previous page, town deliberately entirely surrounded by traps is something I totally had not considered. *slaps own hand* Bad me!
Flapdoodle 7th Aug 2018, 3:44 AM edit delete reply
I'm totally digging the contrast of the clean cel-shading style of the real world and the goofy crayon coloring of the game.
Drake Zephyr 8th Aug 2018, 3:49 PM edit delete reply
At least none of them are being Wyatt Raklaug. Probably the most useless character I have ever seen in a party in any of my adventures.
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